Wednesday, May 21



Mood: Fed up.
Song: Dance, dance - Fall Out Boy

Sometimes I just feel that I'm clever and smart in the wrong thing.
Tomorrow is the last day! Finally.
But results ain't good this time.
Should have work harder.

Oh well, I think I'm the first who finish Arts among a few friends of mine :)
Cos, I'm always the last since form 1 ._.
Yeah, and this is the last time of having arts exam. :(
*omg. I feel sad? ._.

Sheesh, Chinese essay was kinda weird today.
Lucky I still manage to crap something out.
Scared out of title only ._. Is that a woorrd? o_O

RIP Sichuen people.
Earthquake everywhere ._.
Bad things been happening.
Earthquake in SiChuen seems to overcome Myanmar's Cyclone and the Tibet incident.
And still, sad thing. Sigh...

I should go now. History and Moral awaits me!
I feel like dying memorizing them ._.

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