Monday, May 12

Oh how great -.-


Tell you what.
I'm blogging late cos....
I've been avoiding myself by using this life-sucking-box :D
Wth right?
I can't believe I still can't stand one day without switching on the stupid computer!

There's this kinda so-called disease :O
Which I'm having now.

Whtevs lah.

I'm avoiding this by going to the hospital to accompany my bro.
What a goooood sis right ?! :D
Very good right ? :D
I know, I know... :D

But in the end, I didn't really manage to study ._.
Ended up crapping with my bro wtf.
Gaah! He just won't go to sleep ._.

Ok... So, exams is the day after tomorrow!
Pfft. How great.
I don't even know what to study for Komsas.
WHY are we even studying these things anyway?
Are we gonna use it next time?
I see what are we studying now...About 50% is inapplicable during our work lor!
We just memorizing for fun eh?

I'm going to accompany my bro tomorrow again STRAIGHT after school!
You see, sacrifice my sleep time, my eat time, my bath time...
Just to ACCOMPANY him!! ._.
and somehow stop me from using the computer >:D

Ohkay. I think I'm done here.
Noone even cares to read la.. -.-

And I finally can cash out my Nuffnang ._.
It's like... Sooo long I waited. Lol.
Yalah... Lack of visitors mah...
Band also little ._.


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cbenc12 said...

i got read arr.. :D