Saturday, May 10

Admitted to hospital


Ok. I'm gonna do this very fast.
I will not waste time here.
I will do my revision later. lol.


You see this cute boy?




Ok. Maybe this photo not cute. But whatever lah.
He's holding twenty ringgit btw :P

He's my cute bro :D
Lol. :(
He's admitted to hospital already T_T
Lungs got infected by bacteria...

He's not in Sunway hospital.. I'm poor k.. lol.
Not in SJMC...

But in Columbia Asia o_O
I never ever thought that I will visit that Hospital ._.

Some tube with needle thingie inserted into his hand for Blood sample I guess.

After the whole thing :O omg.

And I went there to sleep a night with him :D
See see, I good sister kan kan? :P
It wasn't easy ._.
The nurse was like coming in the room every 4 hours @@

Hope my bro recover soon enough ba.
Nobody in the house fightTALK with me very sien leh :X

Tomorrow is Mother's Day right?
Sigh... What a sad thing that Mr. Bro in hospital.
At first he was very excited -..-
REALLY ! omg. He thinks it's fun -.-
Sigh... Happy Mother's Day ! :)

So now I gtg revise lah :X
Or play my piano.
I don't wanna fail my Piano and My PMR at the same year okay.
Big stress @@


Miao somehow reminded me something. LOL.
While I was heading asleep, it was about 11.48pm I think.
Suddenly the room went kinda cold.
But the air-cond was only 27 degrees.
Me and my bro couldn't take too cold air-cond :D
But then I guess it was just the air-cond problem or the place( cushion ) I slept was near to the air-cond.. Hmmm...

Life's fragile...
Went my bro "moved" in the room..
The patient next room.... died......
Yes.... It was sad though, that time my bro going for his blood sample thing..
So, I accompanied him and never see what happened..
It was a old man I guess. Sigh...

Appreciate your life :D
Live a meaningful life ! ._.

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