Tuesday, May 13

Hiatus. Yay!


Ohkay peeps!
I think I'm hitting the hiatus button :D

Yeah, I know you guys happy no need read these boring posts without peektures :D
And my unique visitors is going to be like my exam results!
Gooooo WAY DOWN :D
To those who really read, TQ :D
But really damn boring o_O

Bro is going to be discharge from hospital tomorrow!
But I think he's not going to school until the school holidays end.
Zomg?! Holiday a month !

I think this is the last minute ever revision ._.
Wish me luck! Ciao!

But I think I will blog about my exams which is very boring? :D
Who knows ? :D

Kritz: Yeah...
Miao: Of course lah. I'm good sister leh! :P
xue ying: You give face me mah. LOL xD
ZhangFLY: Haha. Of course remember lah :P Too bad you can't ketuk my kepala :D Exam now yo! :(

Other tags will be replied in cboxes ASAP/ when I'm free :)

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