Monday, June 30

Today is a happy day yeah right wtf stupid title


Like srsly.. I gotta start to be serious now. T_T
My friend is having her piano exam this Thurs!
Oh wtf, it reminds me of mine next next month!
But I'm already damn scared, you know why? Cos I AM NOT READY YET!
As in, very weak. Shits T_T
I will never learn! Wtf, I hate myself pfft! Always, that stupid attitude i_i

Ok. Got class photo today. It's so fugly!
Not the photo..I'm the one who is fugly! T_T
Oh well, still going to buy them. Memories mah LOL.

Then, exam is next week. Next week is exam. T_T
Well, like what teacher said, my results dropped.
My brain lazied.
And byebye 1st place. Say hello 3rd place in class. LOL :X

So gotta go! Ciao.

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