Wednesday, June 25



It's a normal day ! ._.
Things seems to be different.
I don't know what. But......
Sometimes you think it is.. But, it isn't (?)
Seems to be good, turned out bad.

"No matter how you beg, how hard you try, how you want it your way; IT'S NEVER GONNA BE OKAY."

Anyway, joked a lot in class today! I mean A LOT !
wtf. Laugh till my tears came out.
AWAKE! AWAKE! MUAHAHAHA! (Inside joke) -.-

Have to submit Chinese poem up. DEADLINE - Friday!

This is somewhat we did in class today! :D

There's some pictures with friends! :P

This WOULD be perfect if it ain't that human at the back hmph!

Bluuuuurrr ._.

I have nothing much to say!
Time's running out!!
I should just go watch...
The Man..
The Music..
The Madness..
The Murder..
The Motion Picture...

Amadeus Mozart! :O


1 comment:

Beatrice said...

dis blog song also very nice :D ah thankyou finally i found that song very nice ler :P
haiyo of cos all A+ larh the chinese here kinda easy wtf so confident hahaha u're frm chinese sch too yea? what sch r u in now?
omg I hate to b chubby also not cute like u! :(
Ya meet at sunway or anywhere laa, when I'm back at malaysia edi i will tag u in you're blog den u gimme ur number or msn den we shall discuss it furthur. Yea? :P hahahaha. Oh south africa i got one friend here from there also! lol. wad jealous, malaysia's school fun also ma got friends, inter school need to start all over again boohoo. I also got some of my mum's gene HAHAHAHA we're short people T_____T
why do people like pinching? cause cute ma geram laah so pinch XDD
haiyo this is the longest comment everrr, take you're time on replying me :P AND UPDATEEEE :)