Monday, June 9

happy bday Joshua! ; School reopens :(


First of all...

in South Africa :D

Coming back soon eh? ^^

Went Sunway yesterday :)
Bought a new bottle. Heh!
And new white jeans from ._.

Took photos with bro in car again! ;)

The SCREAM-myx is getting slower and slower day by day.
& the sky is getting darker and darker minutes by minutes -.-

School's first day after two whole weeks of holiday!
Feel well, not so boring, kinda scary, and sucky results :)

Yeap, really sucky lor! T_T
History is so history x_X Got a very bad result for it
Oh well, can't imagine my Maths :O

Wanna see my Arts Paper two? :D
I bet you want right? HAHAHA :P

Here ya go LOL!

My art LOL ! According to SOME PEOPLE.. It's ALL GREEN wtf-.-

The buffalo LOL

&& I got highest for Chinese again! LOL! xD
Okok, not boasting ah, just happy! :D :D :D
Muahaha !!

I'm too happy till I go crazy!! =="

So ciao! :P
Off to piano

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宝茹 said...

How did you do the flash for the pictures? :)

That one is cool!