Saturday, April 26

best translation EVER

was actually trying to translate my page to english because some of you cant read chinese characters, but in the end all this crap came out -.- ( it's from my previous post. )

In fact, sometimes really think that a bit contradictory.
Obviously do not want to, but thinking and action has been just the opposite.
×× × ×
Are children just wrong, we can forgive you ?
Perhaps because their children or ah. Also small, less than sensible.
Forgive them that we once had, but not cherish the naive…
×× × ×
Sometimes feel that their somewhat illnesses.
But can not say where.
Companions seemed to have changed.
Often in thought,
Where is the problem?
Perhaps Yuanzaitianbian sight…
Who understand it ?
×× × ×
Hope that all this good-not regret it did not come to regret this but all too late
×× × ×
The recent weather, erratic.
I do disease in the Bansi.
With toothache! My Maya!
×× × ×
Have tried, a person going bus stops.
Watching cars to trucks to the car (good strange oo)
What seems to be thought of.
But remember, has been buried in the minds of most internal.
A little sigh…
×× × ×
Today saw the students were in school.
Hasty ah hasty…
Recall the former primary school scenery.
Unfortunately, that's not their alma mater.
Modern primary school students who really happy!
On that day, watched a few little brother (. He!)
Holding a hand-phone models also the mother than I am even better Lak!:D (My mother used in 6300)
Oh, I remember that old age, as long as the hands-ice cream, can be more than happy to slowly enjoy!
×× × ×
My brother back.
I saw "steal" the biscuits to eat steamed stuffed buns…
When his father was starting to blame me: O
The doctor heard of it!
Good a lovely brother: D
Thanksgiving should be Thanksgiving! Hee hee!
×× × ×
In fact, Thanksgiving often is not bad!
At the very least, their points will be happy.
×× × ×

Therefore, the right side of things, people have Thanksgiving!

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