Tuesday, April 15

Pontianak in Pulau Gadong Melaka


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I wonder whether there's even people or not. Hmm, who knows how to dance here ? I've been exercising like maniac these days. Bone goooona crack :D

Skip those boring part. Anyhoooo,

Anyone read The Star newspaper? :O THERE'S A PONTIANAK !! wtf.

in Pulau Gadong Melaka !!

Pontianak is a female vampire, well I guess you all know that. There's also a video about it!! zomg !!

SIGHTINGS of a pontianak (woman vampire) captured on video have caused a stir among locals in Malacca, reported Harian Metro.

For the past fortnight, droves of people have gathered at a bridge near Jalan Pulau Gadong, Malacca, where the 50-second video-clip was purportedly filmed.

Many stayed up to the wee hours of the morning hoping to catch a glimpse of the spectre.

The video clip, circulated via mobile phone, shows a woman with long black hair and clad in a white cloth floating in midair while whimpering.

A receiver of the video clip told the Malay daily that he had heard many stories about the pontianak.

“Some say she would appear like a damsel in distress but when approached, she would turn into a pontianak.

“I’ve also heard that the police were called in by several men who stumbled upon the apparition, who was asking if they had seen her missing child.

“As soon as the police arrived, she would turn into her true self and disappear,” he said.

from The Star

Got this video from Muzri's blog

The video was blur and all, and we wouldn't know whether it's really floating half way. And it/she was crying o_O Well, just look for yourself! :D

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Anonymous said...

wah.. biar betik!!! wahlau.. too bad i'm not in malaaysia to read the news!!!!

my mum saw one outside my house last year and she got high fever after that! she is not those kinda woman who believe in those things but since she said it, it is going to be true!