Monday, April 21

WEEEE! -.-


Currently VERY TIRED !

Booyah ! Ohkay, I've been gone a few days. Main reason is....... :D

LAZY !! Heh! >:)

Aiyah, don't know what to blog mah. Later wasting everybody's time reading meaningless blog not good lor. :P (actually this also meaningless blog) :D

Am happy now cos I got what I have redeemed from Direct Access credit card ! Phewwit!! :D A Phillips mp4 !! :D My mp3 was somehow washed with my jeans, that's why when you're listening to song it's like karaoke, ONLY THE BASS wth -.-

Time's not enough I can tell you. Even the things surrounding me also whispering to me alr T___T lol. Gonna have a very tight schedule. T___T Exams exams exams T___T Not only important exams, and also PIANO Exams!! T___T Someone please save me?

I always wanna be very efficient lol. But, sigh!! Talk easy lah. Now the time like...? Aiyoh.. T__T Activities are fun to join, TV shows are nice to watch, Beds are nice to sleep, MY tiny brain like to slumber... T___T HOW?!?! Sigh.

I act like an ostrich sometimes, feel like hiding my head and don't think about anything.
This is my dumb shit attitude. This post is meaningless i repeat.

thanks to those who tagged. i know i lazy reply them. but keep tagging. and i know the pontianak is cute and pretty. and her voice is so merdu i can say. lol. and sorry to those who are afraid and summore damn brave to watch at night!! CLAPPP!! LOL -.-

I'm just typing all this crap here. and i know i already lost my readers, as i don't have readers at all the first place. Bye people.

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