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I believe that everyone knows about the movie Spiderman right?
Cute little spidey...

Can somehow be horrible sometimes! :O

I guess everyone also know how Peter Parker some sort of gotten the spiders power.
But in reality, things could be worse, bad, horrible, terrible...and vegetable.

I was surfing the net and RANDOMly saw this article.

Three women in KL, turned up at hospitals
over a 5-day period, all with the same symptoms. Fever, chills, and
vomiting, followed by muscular collapse, paralysis, and finally,

death. There were no outward signs of trauma. Autopsy results showed
toxicity in the blood.

These women did not know each other, and seemed to have nothing in
common. It was discovered, however, that they had all visited the same

Restaurant along Jalan Kuchai Lama within days of their deaths.

The health department descended on the restaurant, shutting it down.

The food, water, and air conditioning were all inspected and tested,
to no avail. The big break came when a waitress at the restaurant was
rushed to the hospital with similar symptoms. She told doctors that
she had been on vacation, and had only went to the restaurant to pick
up her check. She did not eat or drink while she was there, but had
used the restroom.

That is when one toxicologist, remembering an article he had read,
drove up to the restaurant, went into the restroom, and lifted the
toilet seat.

Under the seat, out of normal view, was a small spider. The spider was
captured and brought back to the lab, where it was determined to be
the Two-Striped Telamonia (Telamonia dimidiata), so named because of
its reddened flesh color. This spider's venom is extremely toxic, but
can take several days to take effect. They live in cold, dark,
damp climates, and toilet rims provide just the right atmosphere.

Several days later a lawyer from JB showed up at a hospital emergency
room. Before his death, he told the doctor, that he had been away on
business, had taken a flight from Indonesia, changing planes in
Singapore, before returning home. He did not visit the restaurant,
while there. He did, as did all of the other victims, have what was
determined to be a puncture wound, on his right buttock..

Investigators discovered that the flight he was on had originated in
India. The Civilian Aeronautics Board (CAB) ordered an immediate
inspection of the toilets of all flights from India, and discovered
the Two-Striped Telamonia (Telamonia dimidiata) spider's nests on 4
different planes!

This is how THAT spider looked like!

Cute hor! :P

But then, I have search on the webby and.....

So lets come clean and know more about this hoax email and the so far, truth about this spider.

There is not now and never was a Civilian Aeronautics Board. There was a Civil Aeronautics Board, but it was abolished in 1984 in the wake of airline deregulation.

The Two-Striped Telamonia (Telamonia dimidiata), according to entomologists, is actually a jumping spider native to Indonesia, there has yet to find any legitimate sources warning that its venom is deadly to humans. Given that its natural habitat is the rain forest -- a damp but not particularly cold or dark environment – yet it seems unlikely the Two-Striped Telamonia would find the undersides of porcelain toilet rims an especially hospitable place to dwell.

Well, believe it or not ? :)

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van said...

well, disputed may it be, i am still afraid of spiders. hehehe