Saturday, April 12

Basketball :D

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Clean the whole room yesterday. It was one hard work. Lol! As I usually don't do house work. Haha. And the dust, its like 2mm thick! Black dusty dust. That's not the worst of it. Some of the window, there's GOLD !! I REPEAT !! GOLDDDD !!





SHIT ! not GOLD.

I bet it's been a thousand years since we cleaned it. Haha! Ohkay. So, I sneaked out with a friend of mine without cleaning all of them, leaving my bro and everybody else cleaning. ( it seems like alot people cleaning that "small room" haha! )

We went for basketball! But, we actually spend and waste half an hour watching people play till they are bored and we take over their ball. Lol. I haven’t play basketball for such a long time. Sigh! My skills are very weak lor! And worse, I don’t even know the rules ! :( Haha. Well, lucky those guys went easy on me in the match. :O

Thru that, met some new friends! :) The whole thing was sweaty again. But, at least this game can grow tall right? RIGHT?! Lol.

Friend came back from McD and brought me fries burger and drinks. I ate them all just after the match. Lol! Damn fattening right? :P No wonder I’m gaining weight! :P Then cousin came and fetch me back home. How good of her :D

Will go swimming later as what I’ve said last week T___T

I still have 2 posters in the line. My gosh! My arts sucks !! T__T Anyone like to draw ? :D Heh! Homeworks as usual T___T Busy busy busy.

I’m reaching home around 6.30pm almost everyday now!! i__i Very sad. Very sad indeed. Lol. That’s why no time updating this dead blog. :D Wonder it’s a good thing or not ;)

PC Fair just started Friday !! Gah, I must go!! I want a new PC!! Lol :D No $$ T__T

My to do list is about 3459384759874935845 km long omg. I think should go now! :) Ciao!

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