Tuesday, April 8


DANG DANG DANG DANG !! I’m back ya. LOL! There’s something wrong with my codings and stuff. So, blog temporary closed down :D thanks for those who concerned :) Hmm, I wonder who is xxx. o_O And

Thanks for visiting thou. Leave your name :D

It’s been busy these days. I hardly got time to practice my piano and finish up my homeworks. Sigh. Including those projects T__T So important !!

Ohya, did I mentioned I joined the Drama competition? Lol! I am a LAWYER !! Ok, I’m ACTING as a loyar xD I know I don’t look like one lar! But with my studious specs maybe I look like one? xD The whole thing was quite awkward lor! I forgot some of my sentences T___T Anw, we still will get our prizes, cos there’s only 3 groups taking part. Too bad I need to go for Chinese club’s poem reciting. Sigh! Can’t watch the other’s drama T__T

I was sweating the whole way omg. Lucky it’s raining, if not I think I can die x_X Flooded with my own sweat ! Smelly -___-;

And we had class photo taking session! I think this year one is ain’t gonna be good T___T Lol! Cos my hair is omg so ugly Gah. Gotta plant my head into my homeworks now. Gambateh !! I’m actually doing maths exercise cos dad forcing me T__T Why numbers hate me ah? Or maybe, I hate numbers -___-; Yeah, maybe …


3POINT8 said...

Leave a name here?
3POINT8 was here

Anonymous said...

huh? no time to practise the piano? u are a music student?

Anonymous said...

err.. i guess onli.. lolz.. don't tell me u study in UCSI... lolz