Saturday, April 12

Swimming :O


Currently listening to- Bu Xiang Dong De ; Angela
Current mood- Tired ; Sneezy lol.



This is what you get when you swim in the rain and get up when the wind is blowing damn strong. T____T


Soo eager to grow tall. STUPID!! *sneeze.

I think must exercise more. Other than growing tall, I think I'm getting rounder. Lol! More stable. HAHAAWTF! *sneeze.

Gees, been sneezing all the way. *sneeze. I think cos someone talking bad about me :D Yay! Somebody actually remembers me -__-" *sneezeeeee!

Nah, I think I'm getting a cold. T___T !

Omg, I suck at free style. Sigh! I only know breast stroke. :D
And the trainer say I got good stamina.HAHA! xD

I think he wouldn't know that when I play basketball during standard 2 I saw sliver stuff. Like those on the TV ok?! wtf. NOT JOKING. NOT FUNNY. hmph!

Got to go eat again! :D Dinner lah :D I love food. Food is LOVED ! <3

Enjoy ya weekends! It's sweet and SHORT :(


it's coming again!!

AHHHH CHIEWWW !! *gets cold T__T

enjoy :D


Anonymous said...

yo.. thanks for dropping by.. err.. dunno u remember whether u was there in my blog or not.. sorry for taking so long to reply u...

Blogger ||::[K]aRmEr[N]::|| said...

is this ur new blog or what? Lol! nah, where's that anyway? i'm still 15 yrs old in a country call Msia :D You?

er.. the blog tat u 'landed' on that day is my contest blog.. the real one is

i'm from msia too lah.. lolz.. am 23 and studying medicine in russia. going to finish next july.. u? 15, young and energetic huh? have a nice day! nice to meet u too!

Ginny Han said...

do u take do those pictures by urself?! those beginning of ur posts. very cute lah! =)

ahhahah so random