Wednesday, September 9


Last year was 080808, this yr it's


It's also another auspicious date for us Chinese ;D
Everlasting :D

Was rushing Chinese homework in class.
Learned Latent Heat :O Hmm, quite okay gua ..
But I srsly don't like Physics, aiyah, anything to do with calculation I also dont like la.
Except Chemistry 8DD
Bio .. no calculations but memory power must be super geng, at least 1TB memory card needed leh.
So, don't like 8D

Got BM Lisan to prepare ..
Environment stuff, gotta prepare answers to answer teacher lol
My BM getting .. worse la dei. Don't like BM ;D
Can't imagine I joined Ujian Bertulis during Std 6 8D Those days ~~~

Yaaaaaaayyyyy! Finished the damned History notes.
And I don't understand a thing 8D
And we're entering Chapter 9 already 8D

Hmm .. talking about 090909,
Next year 101010,
111111 wahh.
101112 :}
121212 8D
111213, :O
010314? 1314 ;D
then I can't think of anymore ady lolz.

I forgot this lolz.
Talked bout Little Nyonya 'cause we're learning Moosoon History today during English 8D
Baba Nyonya sounds cool 8D Lol.

Had "ceramah" about the AppleTree E-Dict.
There's encyclopedia in it, and stuff la.
The whole thing looks like an iPod touch with keypad la lolz.
Only 4GB leh, RM598/698 forgot @_@ Don't care, not important 8D
Continue Little Nyonya talk with shreen 8D While Mich and ChaiYin talk about their .. "Ban Shan Ba" show, Pudu ah? I dont know lah ;x

Gotta go sleep, it's late you know.
Need good sleep so won't yawn during classes the next day.
Therefore, can concentrate more.
Then, absorb more
Conclusion: Sleep early la. lolz.

Nites peeps!

It's you that holds my dreams and seems to always come back

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