Wednesday, September 2


I had this thought while I was bathing lol.
I'm lack of determination. Especially .. in some way of life.

But, I think I must must MUST be determine in this.
Somehow something that a friend said had .. "awaken" me lol.

Though there's always obstacles ..
There's always distractions ..
But I'll overcome it.
I MUST and I WILL!! :)

Maybe I'll not succeed,
But at least I did my best right?

Good luck to myself hehe.

It's easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top.

Thanks to you.
Thank you. :D

1 comment:

Evelyn Chang said...

hahaa~ faster go buy the dvd la xD xD very nice deeeee~hehe. ohh yeah gonna watch final destination tooo~maybe fri~hehe =)

now no braces d~more leng lui liao luuuu~ xD =)