Saturday, September 5

Irritating !!


It's so freaking irritating! It's a transparent .. hard .. thick .. plastic .. ugh!

Went for appointment at OUG early in the morning. Went in, evil retainers became my teeth's neighbour :(

Doc said, " It's new to your mouth, basically it will think that the retainers are food, then it'll secrete more saliva .. and saliva .. and nothing but saliva .. so you gotta let it get used to it, until it finally realize it ain't food, it'll stop secreting saliva .. "

and it's true =.= I kept swallowing my saliva =.= it's .. argh .. then burp lolz =.=


  • Take off when I wanna eat
  • Don't rinse with hot water
  • Put it inside the "box" and not wrappin it up with tissue then leave on table then end up in rubbish bin -.-
  • ... don't remember ady -.-

After that, doc took some photos of my teeth with her very cool Canon DSLR!! D:
Then took profile pic tim! Hmm .. but I'm wearing specs, no likey =x
Total of RM400 ... Thanks dad ;x

Went back.
Passed by the highway at the back of school.
There's this accident ..


obviously, accident = traffic jam :D

Even the opposite lane without accident traffic jam too! Hahaha Malaysians =x

I have proof! LOL!

Before that, the accident was quite terrible .. 4 or 5 cars in a row man! The middle car quite cham and yam gong, sigh ..

Neh! You can click and see larger photo! Hard to take the photo la, dad's car passed right beside it =.= oh and, ignore the hat .. LOL

Seeee! Smooth after the accident :D But then the other lane ......... =.=


Stress .. everybody has one.
But please, don't simply release your stress on people.
It's yours, so keep it.
Or release it without harming anybody .. both physically and mentally.

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