Monday, September 28

Happy and Unhappy ?

wtf wtf wtf, no time to update arghh!!
just a quick one la.
nothing much for the 1st day of holiday school D:
chatted bout holiday stuff
learned bio in a fun way with shu qiong today xD
touched the agar-agar petri dish thingy with ddddiiirrtyyy hands
this friday dissect mice weh! *excited!!*

PMR week maybe holiday woot!
was so happy aft teacher announced this news xD
not only me lor, almost the whole class ahha,
then suddenly no electricity, then it was back again wtf.
potong steam xD

nothin much eh ..
oh ya, rushing the freaking moral kerja amal.
damn, i hate last minute work but ..
i can't help it XD XD
dai sei lah haiyoh.

summore what ah ..
aiya quick post .. can't think of ...
dinner with cousins ytd!!
laugh dao LOL
had fun too :D :D
how i wish we'd never grow up sigh~

update bout the dinner tomorrow or whenever i'm free la,
it's bout some very freaky babi / roasted suckling piggy stuff! serious, it was freaky in a way.
so after the freaking kerja amal thing la
and the FREAKIEST final yr exam wtf

aiyah see how la, damn sien
always homework homework only.
worse than form 3 wtf.
next yr lagi sei. apa ini!!
must enjoy sec sch life maaaaa aiyoyo.

err .. crapping lol.

summore what leh ..
can't think la! okay la! go sleep la!
nightssssss! :D

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