Thursday, September 10

I wonder ...

Was that .. you .. ?
The person that once loved us,
but is gone now.

You're in disguise,
I wouldn't know.

You've been appearing these 3 days.
Watching us, the whole family.

I wonder ..
I hope you felt relieve :)

There's this white moth flying around in the house these 3 days. At first it was yesterday night/the night before ytd, my bro saw it first. We had no idea how it came in, but it was there, flapping it's wings around the living room ; study room and kitchen.

Then, I saw it this morning again, before going to school. It was purely white, not the normal black moth we used to see. & we don't see purely pearl white moth often nowadays lolz. well, for me la ;x

Maybe it was my grandmother (father's side) .. She passed away when I was just 3. Parents said before she passed away, she asked me do I want a brother or a sister .... and they told me that I said I wanted a brother........


School stuff ;
Finished up the Sivik folio. Asked teacher to take photos with group members for the "gambar" section of the report LOL It was .. funny in some way ahhaha.

Finally done lisan! Weeeeee! I still remember whud teacher asked, and I half answered half laughing at my own answers LOL I know it's not a good thing but .. I think it won't be that bad gua ... AT LEAST teacher somehow agreed and said "betul juga .." Phew~ Or maybe she was just comforting me D:

Last chapter of Add Maths today, felt soooo sleeeepy *yawn* told myself to sleep early de lah ;x But what to do, need to do that freaking history notes BUT in the end, she didn't even mentioned a puny thing bout the notes. Frog!

Competed with TeeBH in solving rubik's cube and SURPRISINGLY I won hahahaha ;x So happyyyyy~~~~ ;x The first time was luck, I skipped the achieving one side full formula and started earlier too. Then 2nd time 8D I can't even believe myself lmao. We started together and I won ehhehehe. :DDDDDDDD

Random stuff;
Shared the experience of "climbing" all over the house with YamChong no.1 in class lolz 8D Yuan lai I'm not the only one that climb over walls and doors ahahaha. It all happened when I waaaas 6-10 yrs old I think lol.

Was still staying in my oooold house :DD Although it's small, but me likey 8D There's grill doors that you can climb, walls in a short distance which you can crawl up 8D Waaahhh, those days~~ LOL

I remember holding a lizard on my palm too .. I think it's .. my left palm LOL. Small lizard la, not those big big giant one =.= Then brought it to my neighbour's house and showed my friend the lizard on my palm !! hahaha. It's still alive wei! Coldness 8D it's .. cold blooded wudd.. ;x

Did crazy stuff lol. I enjoyed it :PP

Tomorrow Friday already leh!
So fast!
Sunday is 2 person's special day 8D
Wooot 8D
After one week,
Hari Raya holiday! Wee!

and sorry that I didn't reply the comments yet :(
I'll get to them soon ;)
Keep visiting ya! Click on the ads if you can hehehe xD

There's still time to turn this around
You could be building this up instead of tearing it down
But I keep thinking
Maybe it's too late


Himura Hazezy said...

wow..white moth? i used to see black moth at my hometown :)

C , Cy , Cyn ♥ said...

omg. dont tell me u take that exquisite pictures. HAHAHA. wtf ur tagboard? migrated ? XD