Saturday, September 12

Happy Birthday Mom! :DD

I went to Sunway and watched Where Got Ghost? a Jack Neo film, yesterday with my cousin!
I wanted to blog about it but it's mom's birthday today! So .. I'll blog about it first la! 8D

She celebrated an early birthday yesterday night. Her uni mate made her a Blackforest Cake :O Good friends eh? *envy* hahaha.

Before that, we brought Wai Chin jiejie (Mom's friend) to my dad's golf club - Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (KGSAAS) for dinner :D They had this buka puasa buffet and was packed with humans.

They used to have this Wi-Fi service .. don't know why that day can't use =.= No gateway reply wtf. So I waited and waited for the food to arrive =.=

then bla bla blablablablablablablabla ...

Reached home!

Mom and friend chatted and chatted and chatted, although I'm full but I'm very very very exhausted by the whole day outing with my cousin, I waited and waited and waited again .. till finally! We sang the birthday song~~~~

that's how I call my mom ahhaha.

Wai Chin jiejie really pro lor! She knows lotsa stuff, knitting la, sewing la, handy craft stuff la, baking la, and she even made MOONCAKES for us!! 8DD

I collapsed after celebrating mom's birthday x_X
Oh well ;D

Photos coming up!

Mom and her friend with the cake :D

Me & Mom~

Whole family~

Lighting up the candle :D (we had a hard time finding that candle lolz)

Make a wish~~~

Green pea *yes, pea, not tea. :D* and peanut crystal skin mooncake 8D

Big giant strawberries 8D





tabbieee!!!! ;DD

Hope you had a great one!
Don't get too carried away with your fantasies yeah :P :P :P

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