Monday, September 7

Another Monday Holiday

I think I'm getting used to holiday on Monday .. How I wish every Monday is a holiday, till then there's no more Monday blues! But Tuesday blues will come. Hmm .. Monday blue still sounds better :D

Went IOI for dinner yesterday.
Restaurant Dynasty Dragon ;)
They're having promotion for their crab thingy
Not bad luh.

Slacked around Popular .. bought books :D
But I can't find my popular card T.T
Sighhhhhhh ..

Bro from KL school gotta attend school today, dad went out for golf. So, it's only mom and me at home today ~

Had early piano class today. Phew~ Lucky there ain't many wrongs in the chords! *relief* Do you know HOW I HATE CHANGING CHORDS?! There's consecutive 5th lah, exposed 8th lah etc lah walao! I hate that, seriously.

Went out for lunch with mom somewhere around Puteri. Soon Hing BBQ? Bumped into Kritz and his mom .. Plurk-ed in that restaurant *as usual* Free wi-fi everywhere hahah =x

Random stuff happened.

Ordered Lum Mee ..
Waiter took wrong order ..
Came Duck Rice ..
Returned it ..
Ordered again .. sadly, LUM MEE SAUCE FINISHED !! wth.
The person sitting beside me came later and already enjoying his lum mee -.- wtf.
Ordered Beef Wantan Mee.
Finally came.
Eating .....
Duck Mee came! wtf. (we didnt order that fyi)
Quickly return it this time =.=
Wow, "free" wrong food keep coming zzz

Gotta rush homework again ahhhhhh! Sivik folio =.= The laporan ah, I don't even know how to start.. Last minute work again~~ Luckily most of the folio finished earlier.. Phew~

There's .. History notes ... Chinese exercise .. and .. forgot ......

The 2nd time already laaaaaaa T.T
MY MSGES T.T *rip* *sobs*

Okok, lemme show you my retainers!! Hehehe.
I can count the numbers of my teeth already! Hahaha.
Cos friends suddenly asked how many teeth I have lol.

Sadly .. I have .. only .. 24 lol D:
minus the 4 wisdom tooth ;x
not so wise yet eh lol.

House for retainers

*knock* *knock*

Hello :D lol

LOL Disgusting? Ok la .. ;x

With flash ;x not that bad lah horrrr lolol.

Last photo! Seee, flashy dao~~~ lolol.

I don't care if you think this is disgusting, because ... it's only a mouthful of teeth! A plastic model of teeth! YOU HAVE ONE TOO .. okay lor .. maybe mine disgusting lor .. LOL whatever lor .. :P

Look like dentures hor .. 24 false transparent teeth lolz.

I tell you, retainers really sucks. Maybe the metal one is better =.=

Last time we talked, the night that I walked
Burns like an iron in the back of my mind

Good luck to UPSR-ees tomorrow!
So fast @_@ Sooner it's PMR .. then SPM then HOLIDAY!!!!
But then .. next yr my turn SPM leh =.= Sei lor ...

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Evelyn Chang said...

hahaa the unbelievable is like a documentaru show lik tat wan..those HK ppl go Thailand n m'sia to record ghost... lol. is based on real life story wan. they show what they recorded lor... never cut the fil before wan. hahaa scary lor haha. hmm lol yeah faster watch the orphan first. haha damn nice wei.

hahaa 3D expensive and very scary wor...murderer show watch 3D...hahaaa i scared lar. hmm haha yeah genting got quite a lot thing to buy also.haha =p