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Y2002-2009 Flashbacks

Well, I suddenly wanted to blog about the past hehehe.
I know I blogged about this before, but this time, it's different :D
Now that it's not any secret, and some of you guessed it right!


on the 26/08/09 !!!

Let's see .. everything started when I was just a little kid .. *yea rite hehehe*
Before I start, let my cute little bro welcome you with Elmo! hahaha.

Taken: 2007
Location: Souvenir shop in Japan.

*You can see a watermark there, it's my old blog link ;)*
Try visit it now, you'll be surprised hahahha.

NOW, I shall start with my journey~

I decided to start from year 2002 since that's the earliest I can find in my computer and burned CDs. So .. that time I was a little girl *ahem* with 2 rows of nice teeth (?) LOLOL

That's why you can see me flash a super wide smile happily in the photo hehehehe.

Taken: Year 2002
Age: 9
Location: Genting

Yeap! You can see that I have nice teeth right? Right! LOL. And HOW ON EARTH DID I ENDED UP WEARING the EVIL PAINFUL HARD METAL BRACES? Hmmm .. I'm wondering too hehehe lol.

It ALL STARTED in year 2003!

Taken: Year 2003
Age: 10
Location: Some restaurant (bro's birthday)

As you can see, there I was flashing my sunshine smile in front of camera again! lol. You can click to enlarge the photo to see my dracula tooth sprouting out from my gum, eeekk! Luckily it was only one :D If there's another one on the other side will be cute kan? LOLOLOL perasann~~~~ 8D

Okay~ Let's move on. Time's ticking~

Taken: Year 2004
Age: 11
Location: Pattaya, Thailand

Woahhh! I think this is the presentable one hehehe. Although I know I should face my past but ... Not the "me" in year 2004 .. Oh well, you can see that my hairstyle changed! Fuyoh, yeng hor HAHAHHAA .. NOT :P Something happened and hair suddenly turned curly @_@ My oh my. Nothing much with the teeth thou. It's growing .. slowly .. silently .. creepily ......




Okay, this is getting annoying kan?

Okay la ..

Ready or not?!




Standard 6 =.=

Taken: Year 2005
Age: 12
Location: In a Bus (forgot where i'm going, jesslyn beside me btw)

You can stop laughing now, yes .. stop laughing .. DON'T LAUGH LIAO LAH !! Arghhh ! D: So evil la you all LOL. Damn noob I know, NOOOB daooo! Oh my tian !! Oh my guan yin ma !! My oh my. Everyone has a horrible past, maybe not you, but for me, yes .. kinda .. hehehe. But I don't care :D It is what that made me what I am today LOL.

When I thought I will have only 1 and only ONE! dracula tooth ..
When I thought that maybe it'll grow another one on the other side ..
When I thought it will be cute (roll on floor laugh out loud until tears start bursting out)
When I thought ...

In the end, I shouldn't think so much hahahaha, that's how it ended up .. having 2 dracula tooth on one side wtf? LOL But DO NOT FEAR !! There's a thing call braces and had made me what I am today !! Yaayy! Braces rawks! LOL.

Year 2006
so sorry. no photo available.

But, there's story ..
Wanna listen?
Opps, I mean, wanna read?
Not that interesting,
It's about the process of getting braces on :)

Here it goes~

Getting my braces on my teeth ain't an easy job. I had a surgery, the first surgery ever in my life! It was somewhere around November 2006. During the holidays of course, had it in some Damansara Heights Dental Clinic .. Tsk tsk, the reason is I have a "sleeping" tooth embedded in my "langit-langit" (I don't know what you call that in English, paiseh. It's around the upper part of your mouth). So, what the dental surgeon did was ..

Took a knife and slice open that part of "langit-langit"
Spotted that lying tooth
Took another thing, some pliers (?) scrappers (?) or whatever you call it, to dig out that tooth wtf!
To finish the job, he sewed the "langit-langit" back :)

Wow! I was only 13 that time . Not bad eh? Hahaha.

I didn't feel a thing that time, and that's what my dad described to me since he watched the whole process of surgery LOL

After I'm back home, I can't even move my mouth *ouch* There's blood clots around that part of my mouth. Gosh!!! What I ate .. wait .. lemme put it as .. "DRINK" was .. very watery porridge .. ooohhhh, beat that D:

Had been eating that continuously for one whole week aka 7 days. *ouch* Later, the blood clots started to come off and it's the time to remove the stitches :D

Then, extracted 3 more teeth.

After everything, braces are on!

Actually I did took a photo of before and after wearing braces .. but .. it's in my old phone :( Anybody has Samsung SGH-E530 phone's cable? I really need it. Sigh :(

Teeth had been obedient and started moving into their proper places. Thanks to the guidance of braces! I still remember how torturing it was every month! Especially 3 or 4 days after tightening the braces. Geez! Can't even bite! Sigh, have to sacrifice a bit de la lol.

Taken: Year 2007
Age: 14
Location: Disneyland, Tokyo (Elmo leh!) AHAHA

Not clear of my braced teeth? LOL

Here you go~

Taken: Year 2007
Age: 14
Location: Bullet train station, Japan.

Such a big difference right? I mean the teeth lah. Dracula tooth totally gone! :O

Taken: Year 2008
Age: 15
Location: Malacca

hehehehe, can see the braces lah hor. or wear ady like no wear =.= not so obvious @_@
And I actually thought I can take it off after PMR one loh!! BUT THEN?!?!?!?!!

2009 1st lah! T.T

Taken: Year 2009 (July)
Age: 16
Location: Dad's car (to tg. sepat)

See! It's actually very in place already. AND I THOUGHT AGAIN, I can take off before my birthday as my birthday present! But NOOOOO, =.= Suan lah, then suddenly during the next check-up, I thought I was gonna postpone again .. and almost gave up .. the dentist said .. okay la! you're taking off today !!!




It's OFF!

But the process again =.=
Full of drilling sound walao, almost went deaf LOL.

Oh man! I still need to wear retainers D:
It's transparent so .. it's okay hehehe :D

So, NOW!! :D :D :D :D

Can flashhh my smile without the metal thing blocking :D

Hmm , I somehow missed the braces :( It's like something a part of me missing already hehehe. Well what do you expect? I've been wearing it for 3 FREAKING YEARS!! Hehehehe.

Oh well, here ends the TEETH growing/development post! :D
Phew~ So tired recalling back the stuff hehehe.


MOM & DAD!!!!!!


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