Monday, September 7

Random dinner with parents' friends ;D

Well, I thought they were 10+ years of friends only, mana tau, actually before I were born, they already known each other. Wow! Imagine 16+ or I think already 20+ years of friends! And they still can meet up and catch up with each other lives @_@ Well, mainly 'cause they're a boy gang. Yeah, I think boys mixed around much more easier than girls .. very often. The topics - car, work, tech, travel etc .. they really can talk A LOT. When there's XO, beer, etc .. they can talk MORE .. MOARRRR! and LOUD lolz.

Dinner at Restaurant Good Taste, at first I thought this will be another boring dinner *cos I'm always the .. eldest ...* lucky there's free wi-fi service there, so I can online with my phone 8D But surprisingly, one of the uncle, I used to call him "fat-uncle" LOL. hehe. He quit smoking and picked up a new hobby - photography!! Wow! Now that's a cool hobby hahaha.

He had this Sony alpha 300. Played around with it during dinner .. but that restaurant nothing to take .. so .. take people la .. which is my dad and bro lololol. Oh maaaannn, I really LOVE the effect laaaaa. So damn coooool D: But I still need to learn more, don't really know how to use the functions and stuff. Sighhh ..

Think so much for what laa, can't really own one .. for now .. Told my parents bout it already .. And we made a deal! :D Okok, I know what to do liao hehehe. But it's hard lor, seriously .. D;

Happy time always end fast wth. I need to go to tuition when everyone is going to my house!!! That's the best time I can get my hands on that DSLR!! Damnit!! Argh, thing's don't always go the way you want it eh? I hate that D;

So tuition then concentrate tuition lor!

Tuition-ing ~~~~~

Reached home!! When I thought I can finally at least click a few times .. Everyone is going back =.= WAKE UP LAAA KM~~~~!!! Tomorrow got school ah, they got work ahhh .. In your dreamssss!! T________________T

Next time .. next time .. there's always a chance ..
But I think the next time they're gathering .. is .. during .. CNY =.=

Anyway, Fat-Uncle asked me to buy this "Click" magazine .. Hmmm ...
Just post it here to remind me hahahaha.

Okay! Nights! :P

and wtf, retainers eww T.T

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