Tuesday, September 15

Where Got Ghost? @ Sunway P. TGV on 12.09.09

It's like one step forward and two steps back
No matter what I do you're always mad

Woke up early in the morning, breakfast with mom, then went over to Cousin sis aka HooiSze aka Clarisse's house lol.

Planned to set off by 10.30 .. cos we need to get the tickets for the show at 11.20am.
In the end, we left at .. 11.12am lol.
I thought we're gonna be late =.= Mana tau, after buying tickets, walked in, movie ngam ngam start, missed the trailer lor D:

Where Got Ghost? lol
Rate it .. 7.5/10
with moments that touch your heart
make your heart jump and pump
and of course you will laugh your heart out too..
hmm.. great for maintaining a healthy heart :D

Consists of 3 stories actually .. the 1st one was .. okay, not bad .. warming up ..
2nd one .. was the scariest among those 3.
3rd one .. funny, touching, educational ..
Go watch ;D The whole cinema was really dark =.=

Lunch time, YAY!
We're rushing for time, 'cause cousin sis has a class at 2pm.
Quickly decided what to eat - Carls Jr. 8D

Walked there, ordered, ate.
In the end, we're still late hahahahaha.
Traffic jam on a straight road .. hmm ..
Things just wouldn't fall in place so perfectly that day :O

FOOOD lol.

Famous Star with Cheeseeee

Western bacon something ...



Potatoes showing some skin lmao, don't blush =.=

I waited for her in the library of Monash University :O
Was dating with the computer lmao. But then =.=
My date cut short cos library closes at 3pm wtf.
1 more hour before my cousin's class would be over
SHIITTTTTT!! I have to sit and daydream without fan on the 3rd floor.
Luckily I brought both my rubik cube and the revenge cube 8D
Yay cubes! LOL.

Playplayplay, her class finally over! Yay!
Headed back to Sunway again.

Walked around, window shopping @_@
and felt hungry again! LOL.

So we went to Starbucks for tea :O

American Baked Cheesecake.

I forgot what's this @_@ but it's nice :O

My all-time-faved ~~

Jelllyyyyyyyy :O

heavenly combination! :D Yum~~

Headed back at 6pm.
Decided to take photos, reallyyyyy random photos lol.
Was laughing our heads off over the photos ;x
Ain't no posting them up here hehehehe lol.

KM: Lai lai, take photo~~
HS: Don't want la, driving, serious abit ok!

KM: *make fun of you first* *points* Wah so serious meh?
HS: *trying to be serious with a not-so-serious face :O* This km ar ... =.=

KM: SUAN LIAOOOO, *beh song face*

HS: Ok la ok la, haiyoh,
KM: Heheeeee ;D

Was tired after the whole trip thingy,
Celebrated mom's birthday at night ..... Refer to the previous post~~

Oh btw, this is a scheduled post :D
No time for updating, so .. you know :P

&& Lastlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ..


*plays darmatic music ;x*


To the left, to the left 8D

ps; nosebleed liao hor lolol xD

Still got one more birthday in Sept comin' up !!
Wah, yuan lai I have so many Virgo friends :O


Anonymous said...

elmo here =x
lazy login LOL
and i watched Where Got Ghost too!
2nd one yeah, for me not scary actually LOL but the fat woman ahahahahah!!!

the 3rd one kinda touching when their mum protected them D: D:

Evelyn Chang said...

hahaha ya i oso think the 2nd wan scariest lol! suddenly hang up to tat free LOL LOL! 3rd wan was nothing la. just veru educational =) hehee

Evelyn Chang said...