Sunday, September 27

Shun Japanese Restaurant & Dooodolls!! 8D

Heh, perasan a bit xD

Went to Shun Japanese Restaurant yesterday night for dinner with dad & bro while mom attended her boss's/friend's (I'm not sure) wedding dinner at Sheraton Hotel ;D

Got this free Macha (which means green tea in Jap.) ice-cream from the boss of the restaurant - Jun-san. :D My bro got his Vanilla ice-cream lol. Got it free 'cause the boss was my dad's friend lol. He was damn taaaaaaaaallll !! Taller than my dad xDD Cool 8D

Chopstick ;D

Wah Ocha very nice oh *drinks*

Here take my leng zai photo LOL.
*was candid la xD*

:O :O :O C.I.A. !! Caught In Action lol. Kap lui xD


Digging in~

My free Macha/Ocha Ice-Cream, VERY NICE! *2 thumbs up!* b(^^)d

Headed to Subang Parade after that ;D I searched the whole mall upside down and inside out also don't have Rubik's cube walao! The Toy 'R Us was very big there but no rubik's cube to be seen .. weird .. 'cause Rubik's is a toy for children 3 and above LOL

Since no Rubik, I wandered around the mall, checked out some clothes and shoes xD But not buying ;) There ain't a PENNY in my pocket :D fyi, I don't bring money out :)

Dad called, he wanted to buy bro a pair of new sandals .. so there we go ~ Parkson!! LOL

I separated from them, went to the stationary and gifts section instead 8D And I spotted something!! hehehehehe. If anyone can get me some of them I swear I'll treat him/her very very very good LOL .. No laaaaaaaa, I won't xDD Actually .. I think .. I often .. crave .. for .. ugly-but-cute-voodoo-like stuff heh. Especially keychain ftw! xD

Yes I'm weird :DDDD and I like it LOLOLOL

Depends the way you see it, it's actually cute :D xD

They're known as ...

Dooodolls plushes kalor key chainDooodolls plushes drooolie key chainDooodolls plushes baby charco
Kalor ; Drooolie ; Charco
Dooodolls plushes baby cupidoDooodolls plushes baby reddish twinDooodolls plushes baby kalor
Cupido ; Reddish Twin ; Kalor (baby) sho cute *aww* xD
Dooodolls plushes ninja 24 inch plushDooodolls plushes cupido 24 inch plush
Plushies~~~ Red one Ninja ; White - Cupido
They even have horoscopes! Cool! Me Aries xD
Actually I like this, but it's white, sure hard to keep clean D:


Almost bought this .. but .. @__@ If someone .. somebody .. will ... LOL xDDDDD

Dooodolls plushes drooolie 24 inch plush

Well, for me la *continues drooling xD*. Me heh. Get me either one of them up there can already laaaa, I don't mind !! XD XD XD LOL D: D:

Stop craving liao laaaaaaaaa, it's impossible that things will drop from the sky LOL. work hard earn cold hard cash buy myself :D

Then went to Sheraton to fetch my mom, waited her at the lobby/bar/the place where people sing to entertain people .. o.O The man that played and sing .. was very good! Especially the song Better Man, woah! Then there's 2 Philippino lady singer too .. blablabla .. Finally reached home lol.

IT'S SUNDAY wtf wtf wtf! Damnnnnnn! School's tomorrow?!?!?!??!!

Convo between bro ; me

Me: Eh, what date is the school starting?

Bro: School starts .. TOMORROW LA ! Haiyah =.=

Me: OWWHH, LOLOLOLOL hehehe -.-
Me:Walao! Tomorrow -.- So fast!!

Bro: Yeah, just like a blink of an eye!
Bro: If school that time blink your eye non-stop, HOLIDAY DON'T BLINK!!

Me: LOL so hard wtf, like that also can xD xD

Well, that's all D:
Continue eating homework ~~

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