Friday, September 25


Lol. I'm too lazy to think of a title.

Created this - &

I personally think those are much more cleaner and nicer but ..
I'm used to blogger already. D:


Supposed to wake up a bit late today 'cause I kinda slept late yesterday night.
Suddenly I heard a sound, thundering my ears, the floor's shaking.


Youthinki'mserious? Heh.
Exaggerating lah

What I heard was footsteps, loud and hurry footsteps.
Indeed she was in a hurry, my bro vomited!
Mom took care of him for a while before she headed to work
And yeap, you guessed it right!
The footsteps of my mom = I'm taking care of my bro today! LOL

Woke up superbly early..Okay maybe not LOL
Outta bed at 8.30am *i guess*
Took over the half-cooked porridge ;D
Hope bro get well soon D:

Nothing much today.
It's Friday already.
2 more freaking days!!
I'm dead.
Srsly dead.
Srsly very dead.

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