Friday, September 4

Results results results

Wow, the time sure do flies! I think I've been repeating this day after day, week after week AND months after months!! Time seems to tick faster than usual this year. I bet next year it'll be at bullet speed :( Is this how we feel as we grow older? Sigh ..

Got back almost all the results already. Well, not bad gua hahahaha. Actually quite bad la, but monthly test ... can't be too ... bothered about my marks, I think I'll die if I do so =.=" Oh well! Congrats to Bobo la! Haha. & yay! Chinese highest ;x but it getting harder la D: Especially essay part T.T

Have been playing the Rubik's revenge cube in class these days hehehe. & I FINALLY BOUGHT ONE !! Yaaaaaayyy! Consider quite okay for me since I only got to lay my hands on it this week during relief classes :O Kinda proud of myself HAHAHAHA! & grateful to my sifu - Kritz :O :O But still, having a hard time pairing up those small cubes D: and Parities =.= hate them =x

AHHHHHH!!!! *screams in horror* YELLOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!! *x23746927364 exclaimation mark* OMG !! My eyes!!! How can they just change the colour like that !! Should ask us to vote maaahh, it's not only yours, but it's everybody's de lohh! & seriously, yellow is so not the colour -.- no offense

Monday is a holiday againnn~~~~~~~~ Weeeeee~~~~ Then after studying for another week, Hari Raya holiday again ~~~~~ Yayyy~~~~~~ Lalalalaa~~~ I think I should plan stuff for holiday =.= I really have lots and lots of novels at home and I haven't read them! It's either read it half way or .. haven't touch LOL Both Chinese and English ones, oh my. They're collecting dusts already =x

Hmm .. I gotta brush up my piano pieces too .. and I'd actually finish "learning" all 3 songs! Wow! This time consider quite fast already loh, plus the songs are long too hehe. But then, really need to practice laa, the notes ah @_@ especially those freaking chords, then the "FEELING" walao! That's always the hardest part =.= I'm famous for cold-blooded =.= no feelings at all =x the touch also .. wadde =.=

Speaking about piano =.= the theory =.= Actually IF I continue my theory when I'm at Grade 6 .. Maybe now I'll graduate theory =.= Argh!! and I think I'm starting to hate theory already =.= Last time I used to like theory more than practicing piano hahahaha. *innocent* Doing theory is more enjoyable compare to practicing piano for me those days ;x

It's been a while since I took off my braces :D Did I mention that I feel weak? Okay, not me, but my teeth! Without the metal pieces, it's like my teeth will come off anytime HAHAHA. Retainers and braces are good friends though they cannot be together. After braces left, retainers will be moving in T.T TOMORROW!!!! It's transparent .. so I think it'll be okay gua ......

Wah, crapped a lot leh *proud* lol.

*post and continue playing revenge cube ;x*

How could you walk away from this, just walk away from this again?

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Evelyn Chang said...

hahaa yeah i am going to watch final destination 4...hmm i tink watch the normal wan only gua~hehe not sure yet =) but watching next week hehe =) lol yeah the mini lolx... i still prefer the BIG wan la... =) haha... lol yeah i love to buy bag soooo much. haha. so u watch the orphan d???