Thursday, September 17

Lunch at Kura Japanese Restaurant @ One World Hotel on 13.9.09

Yo peeps! Greetings with my dad's shades loooolz.

Hehehehhe, went to celebrate mom's birthday again~ LOL
Had lunch at Kura Japanese Restaurant, One World Hotel :D
Not kura-kura okay! I don't know what it meant anyway, oh well~

It was kinda boring on the way to One Utama, so did some .. photo taking session as usual :x
You know la, 85% of the photos are taken in the car hahaha.

His turn to ss with dad's shades lol.

Act cute wtf :/

Mom and dad soooo focused on the road :O

Actually there's more ss photos hahahhaa
After having fun and gila-ing at the backseat of the car, we finally reached!! Yay!!

Kura Japanese Restaurant, One World Hotel

In the dark :O

Our seat!! Got big big mirror 8D 8D

Ze Menu!


Chopsticks 8D

Mom with her super kungfu chopsticks lol.

Edamame RM8
-This is nice, don't judge a kacang by it's kulit yeah.

Garlic Rice RM9
-Not a fav of mine, no comment ;)

Sake Oyako RM45
-This is superb! Especially the salmon roe -orange egg thing :9 ! Two thumbs up!

Chicken Teri Zen RM25
-Bro's set, niceeee :D

Kura Maru bento RM75 ;x (my set) lolz.
-It's a very big set you can see, I tried soooo hard to finish em all and I did!!
Except the Unagi la, my tummy almost burst! I'm still feeling full now(13/9, 11.44pm) =.=

Sushi (included in my set)
-The orangey eggy thing aka red caviar, bouncy mouthfeel bursting freshness! 8D

Salmon Head RM15
-Ugly looks and Beautiful taste lol.

Stamina Roll RM32

This is one of those wonderFULL lunch ever I tell you, FULL dao, even the *cough* hidden *cough* compartments almost burst :x

Went for "digesting-food" walkabout at 1U 8D
Went to Action City =.= Which doesnt have much Action =.=
Thought they're selling 5x5 cube, =.=

Oh well, headed back home
and it started to rain D:

rain ... great weather for napping :D too bad i missed it =.=

That's all :D

Went cycling evening, sweated out a leeeeetle fats ..
Ate porridge for dinner lol, still full after lunch -.-

I'm outta blogging materials alreadyyyyyy
I dislike this whenever it happens I tell you.

I guess this month will be busy and fun (?)
I dont know, but no more slacking ahhhhh!!

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Evelyn Chang said...

yeah soooo super cheap right?? xD xD hmmm yaaa~ i love watching moviee! must watch tsunami k??? xD xD hmmm~ yaaa all the son so bad wan~no money den dunwan their mom -.-

hmm glob is about anything in the world. haha like health,human rights,culture,technology,human traffcking...anything... hahaa =)