Tuesday, September 8


Booyah! Actually I don't know what to update for today. I don't really know how to blog already.

School stuff? Better not say too much though I really wanna say. It's apart of my memories what. Hide this hide that, better not tell lah.

Personal stuff? Life not happening 8DD

Random stuff? Things don't get random sometimes .. how?

Hmm .. no more 8D

And finally finish Sivik folio today! Weee~ Rushed like mad loh! But then still left the photos and .. err .. lampiran and report stuff.

Actually I don't understand why should we do this. and it consist 60% of our year-end Sivik paper. Though I don't understand, I shall not question anything, I'm just a normal 16 year old immature girl ;x

Hmm .. what else ..

Oh, wore retainers to school & it wasn't a good thing lolz. I talk like a .. person .. who can't pronounce stuff properfy, you knoeh ? It'sh laike sho harde. Eshpeciarry those words wif f,s,l,r etc =.=

in case you do not get what I typed it's " properly, you know? It's like so hard. Especially those words with ... "


there's saliva sound too =.=

and we talked about teeth during English class lolz.


Add maths homework..

Friday Chinese class canceled > Teacher meeting.

Moral kerja amal no idea how to do =.=

Dont remember, ohwell! Bye peeps!

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Xjion89 said...

haha, the life of a secondary school student..i like and missed it><