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How Malaysian are you?

Hehehe. Saw this on Phyllis's blog and decided to playgive it a try :P

How Malaysian are you?

Regardless of our race, creed and colour, we are united by one element that makes us special in every way - our Malaysian way. Be it our need to talk loudly on the cell phone, or 'force feed' our foreign visitors in the name of hospitality or somply 'forgetting' to queue up at the bus stop, these are the factors that make us truly 1Malaysia.

This Merdeka Day, we want to know just how typical a 'Malaysian' you are. Take this quiz to find out if you're the model Malaysian who is yet to be discovered.
1. You're already 20 minutes late for an appointment. As you walk towards the meeting point, you cannot ignore your tummy's rumblings. You...

a. Keep on walking, there's no time to waste.
b. Grab a curry puff somewhere for a quick bite.
c. Sit down at a mamak stall nearby and order nasi lemak and Milo ais. The other party can wait.

2. The turning into your housing area is 300m away. You switch on the indicator...

a. Now. So that the other drivers know that you're about to make a turn soon, and they'll be prepared for it.

b. What indicator? Just make the turn only lah. People can see what.
c. Right before you make the turn.

3. At the shopping mall, you see a queue in front of your favourite shop. You...

a. Queue up with the rest. A queue only means that somebody's giving away free stuff, and you're not going to miss out.
b. Go to the front of the queue and ask what it's all about. If it's what you want, you'll queue up as well.
c. Are not bothered. You have a shopping list to complete.
4. On your way to your friend's house, you see an accident on the road. This is the time to...

a. Drive slowly, cause a jam and take down the car number. It's time to make some money!
b. Get down from the care and lend a helping hand.
c. Keep on driving. It's none of your business.

5. It's peak hour, the LRT is packed and you miraculously manage to grab a seat. At the next station, an old lady steps into your compartment and...

a. You keep staring at the roof. It's never looked so interesting before. LOLOL D:
b. The Pendidikan Moral lessons you learnt in school keep flashing in your mind. You grudgingly give up you seat hoping that your action has secured yourself a place in heaven.

6. A supermarket is selling your favourite but expensive box of chocolates at 50% discount and the rule is that a customer gets to bring home only five boxes max. You...

a. Grab five.It'll last you for more than a month.
b. Take just one. You're on a budget.
c. Get five; make your mother get another five; your brother another five; and finally your maid another five. It's not often that these chocolates come this cheap. HEHEHE

7. At the traffic light, you can see that a trainee drive drives the car in front of you. When the light turns green, that particular car mati enjin. You...

a. Honk like a mad person while shouting,"If don't know how to drive... stay at home lah!"
b. Wait for the driver to regain composure and restart the car.
c. Swerve into the next lane and drive off impatiently.

8. You're back from a three-month holiday in Britain. Now that you're back home, you...
a. Speak with an accent and complain about the hot weather to anyone who bothers to listen.
b. Talk about Britain at every opportunity.

c. Realise that Malaysia is your true home.

9. The cashier line is moving slower than usual and this has caused a long queue even before you step into the bank. You...

a. Wait in line patiently.
b. Walk right up to the counter and demand for immediate service.
c. Come back again when the crowd has lessened, but not without complaining and giving evil stares to the bank tellers.

10. You're at the movies and you know that you'll receive an important call anytime soon. You...

a. Have an SMS session instead.
b. Talk only lah. Who dares to scold you?
c. Go out of the ball and find a quiet corner where you can have a conversation.

Check your answers and tabulate the scores next to your chosen option for each question. Add them up and look for your results below.

1. a=1, b=2, c=3
2. a=1, b=3, c=2
3. a=3, b=2, c=1
4. a=3, b=1, c=2
5. a=3, b=2, c=2
6. a=2, b=1, c=3
7. a=3, b=1, c=2
8. a=3, b=2, c=1
9. a=1, b=3, c=2
10. a=2, b=3, c=1

If you scored between...
27 to 30 - So very the typical Malaysian
Although it's something you should be proud of... but eh, why you so like that ah? Sometimes, too much of something is not always good for you. Cut down on your Malaysian-ness. Practise good values, throw out the rest.

19 to 26 - Quite the typical Malaysian
So, you're not as bad as the typical Malaysian but if you're not careful, you'll fall into that category. You still have the potential to brush off the bad Malaysian habits and lead an almost perfect life.

10 to 18 - The model Malaysian
It's amazing that you weren't tempted to follow the laid-back, tidak apa attitude of most Malaysians. But that doesn't mean you're a bad citizen. You're actually the good Malaysian we try to be. Thank you for existing.

Hehehehehehe, not that bad at all hehehhehe.

Happy Merdeka Day yo!

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