Tuesday, August 4

Not-so-short update + photos

Gotta do 8 moral tugasan again. got stolen.


I should be very angry or something but,
Suan la, whatever I do wouldn't change anything.

Just one thing, I really don't understand why people wanna steal tugasan harian.
It's not your writing also. Zzz.

Oh well,
Think on the bright side,
I can improve my essay LOLOLOL.

And manyak hazy today argh
Earth is going to dieeeeeeeee D:
I want back the blue skies :(
Clear blue skies :(

My hands kinda feel itchy and wanna get myself a "Cube of Rubik" that will turn your enemy into dust _NITM2.
Heh, but, it really eats my time to watch and learn D:
I have a slow brain. DD:
See how first ;D

Oh oh, currently eying on some cameras *grin*

Olympus / Panasonic / Canon.

no build-in flash and viewfinder.
but, less noise when reaches ISO 400 and above.

both Panasonic and Canon:
Build-in flash and viewfinder.
but, lotsa noise when reaches ISO 400 and above.
Totally works well indoor.

So? D:
Is Olympus a good camera? If it is, I think I'll go for it :D
But then Which lens is better? Panasonic is using leica lens thou. DD:
Oh my, I really wanna do some research but ..

I got 8 moral tugasan to do RAWR!

I think I shall eat up all of them all over again.
*they know how to produce asexually D: -binary fission*

Before going off, here are the photos :D

Budi bahasa budaya kita~~~~

Wah creepy ._.

reading newspaper..

Sigh, give me back the blue sky!
Say TAK NAK to Jerebu! lol.

HEH :D Dont simply think ah. :P

From this

To this -.- Originally a 500ml bottle -.-

LAST Weds lol.

Wet wet fields.

:O :O :O Designed and taken by Josh.

Couple birds LOL.

Playing random games. You know, primary school games LOL.
Teacher wasn't in the whole day~ D:

Path to heaven / hell ? D:

Okay la, better get moving. Bai.

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