Friday, August 14

Confirmed case of H1N1

I know this will come some day..
I just never expect it be so soon.

When our discipline teacher make the announcement,
The whole school was in silence.
Listening carefully to each word he's announcing.

" ........ DISAHKAN "

This word .. really hit me for that moment.
Maybe I'm just overreacting or something.
But, death seems near already.

Other countries have more confirmed cases than we do
But why, why is our H1N1 death cases more than them?
Even Singapore had only 8 cases, we already had 51! and the dice is still rolling ..

After the teacher made the announcement,
There's still cheer from some of the students ..
Wadde ...

Credit ; Kouda's blog

Like seriously, you guys can still cheer.
I know the "close-school" thing,
But closed because of someone got H1N1 ?
There's nothing to be happy about loh.

It's spreading fast. And creepy.
The whole scene was like Resident Evil :O
Stupid virus!!

And it's not selsema babi -.-
Influenza A(H1N1) okay -.-

I don't feel like going school already.
I skipped Chinese Class, I wanna go home so badly that time.
I wanna enjoy life leh LOL
There's monthly test next week some more.

Sigh ..
I hope this doesn't destroy my holiday mood. T.T

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