Thursday, August 27

二十四孝 parents :DD

Got freaking headache today morning. Felt dizzy and as if my whole brain gonna burst! It was just that particular part, pulling one of my brain nerves. Ouch *bigweteyes*

Sms-ed piano teacher and postponed my piano class. I can't play piano with a headache right?

I always wonder what's wrong with my brain =.= Always headache .. okay, not always .. but .. quite often (?) For me la. I tried not to depend on Panadols .. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes it just wouldn't go away!! Evil headache T.T

So today, finally I cannot tahan. Took 2 panadol tablets and *poof* went to sleep again. Finally~ The pain was gone :) :) Unnaturally :( :( I dont like that way of getting rid of headache .. sigh ..

Maybe I should sleep earlier :)

Okay, today's lunch hahaha. Talking about 二十四 孝 parents aka VERY GOOD PARENTS who couldn't let their children suffer from hungriness hehehehe. Both my parents were having meeting today. Mom was worried whether me and bro have lunch or not and sms-ed me. Then I called dad for food.

He suggested pizza and the oh-so-very-health-conscious mom .. wouldn't allow us to eat fast food for lunch heee :) I agree too, cos bro just recover from sickness hehehe. I prefer rice hehehe lol.

So end up .. both of them buying lunch back ahhahahaha ;x I couldn't stop laughing. Imagine if they'd come back at the same time and bump into each other LOL hehehe

Well, what can I say? Mom and Dad that love their children :DD
So wei da :D I appreciate it hehehe. Nice food too though it's just da pao food :D
It's the thought that matters hehehe xD

I don't know why I like to "hehehe" nowadays hehehe LOL.

Anyway, going out tomorrowwwwwww yaaaaay hehehe (!!)
Nights hehehe (!!)

/ps: I'm still not used to the empty feeling lah. ugh.

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