Thursday, August 6

I don't know

Week 32 of year 2009. I think I'll remember this week at least for a year or so. There's too much to say, too little time. Or maybe, I don't feel like expressing it here anymore. Who knows who will be reading this right?

Anyway, I've got a new tuition mate! Fionaaaaa~~ xD She can't stop laughing in class yeah.

Did some drawing and colouring today for Sivik.
Design your own traditional wear. D:
Suan la, art not good, luan luan lai only -.-

Other classmates went to take the Australian Mathematics Competition. Wah, the paper was like @@ I'd never solve it xD

There's this little primary school boy, I don't feel like elaborating about this. But I hope he'll change his specs or go learn some balancing skill or something. I don't wanna condemn about him too much but I think I can't help it. Though he said sorry, but still, I wouldn't be happy right? I did my very best to control my temper. I think I kinda failed. At least I didn't scold him right in front of everybody else right? At least I said it's okay, but it's NOT okay. At least you said sorry but you didn't do anything else after that, and your mother don't even care. Like hello? He's your son and he did something wrong. Aren't you suppose to apologize to that person on behalf of your son too? I'm just asking for too much eh? Sigh.. I can't blame no one for this incident to happen. Maybe I can, maybe I should just blame myself. Pfft. This just isn't my week somehow. I hope everything didn't happen the first place. But this is just useless. Sigh. What is done is done. Crying over spilt milk makes no change. Might as well go to enjoy my sleep.

I guess I finished my rants .. not exactly rants la, but .. SIGH .......

There's another story .. hmm ..

You know lies? Yea, no matter it's white or black, it's still a lie right? People will just choose truth over lies. Exclude some la. But then, when they choose to listen to the truth, how sure are they to accept the truth? Some can't accept but they wanna know the truth and lastly they're the ones who suffer .. worse thing is, they often want people to suffer with them. Hah! What is this?

Please be sure when you wanna know the truth. Some people like to live in their fantasies imagining stuff and assuming what they think are always right. But at the same time, they want people to prove them wrong -.- Wadde ... After doing so, they'll find an excuse to ignore / dislike or even hate you. Creepy thing is, they wouldn't show their true colours infront of you but back stab you. What is this again?

*Names have been change to " You, They, Their, People, etc..." for privacy purpose.

Wah, so many kinds of people hor? I think there's a lot more for me to discover. Hmm..
Now it's only secondary school leh, after still got college, university, work field etc.
Must prepare a few pairs of spectacles. LOL

Should go now D:
Homework again -.-
Form 4 life really just homework homework homework loh. Wtheck.



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