Monday, August 10


wtf yay!! finally solved the damn rubik cube.
argh, i know i noob la, but at least can solve la.
thanks to angeline's algos!!

this Angeline ah, like to hide under umbrella and do weird things muahahahaa!
no la, she's just playful :P Lai lai, show u guys proof lmao.

She wrote the "Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita" lyrics on both of her hands. LMAO.

Emo-ing with the umbrella :O

Hiding :O

Then pose lolz. The umbrella from what galileo?? who is that liao ah? lolz.

here Angeline, posted up all the photos :DD
Anyway, I still need some help -.- some algos confusing eh D:

Today had KFC for lunch muahahaha!
Eat more oily stuff la, getting fatter zzz.
Summore this holiday going beach :O :O :O
Cannot cannot, must control diet lol .. as if it'll happen xD

Went IOI Mall yesterday loh, bought a swimsuit!
Mom and bro bought one each too *smirk*
On the way coming back hor, the haze was so damn serious.
We're like in Genting or some cold misty mysterious place :O
Just that the air smells .. very terribly *barf*

Feels sick after being back *gasps*
Somehow I think it's the psychology playing tricks in my mind.
Always think going to sick then really sick -.-

Today too, damn scared that I'll get sick.
Cold hands, a-bit-cold feet, burning eyes D:
Finish drinking my 1000ml before recess weh.
Lucky there's enough water for the whole day.
I think it's just the heat right? Phew~
I think I'm okay now already ... (unsure)

Had Chemistry experiment today.
Was so hyped up LOL.
We made copper crystals :O :O
The colour of the copper was soooooo naish :D
There's lotsa photos, but not now :D

Gotta get going.
and it's raining cats and dogs and frogs and everything in the zoo since 4pm!
Suan la, bye!

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