Thursday, August 13

Exams next week woot!

... NOT!

Mom went to Hong Kong already D:
Coming back tomorrow I think. :D

Oh, latest news of H1N1 ..
Some Puchong schools kena already.
And most of the tuition centre wants their students to wear mask !
That's what I heard from friends that goes for tuition.
One of my friend's tuition teacher even shifted the table 1 metre away from his students lol.
Oh well, for safety ma :D

I wonder how many infected cases only the school will be closed down.
I heard 4 cases from tuition teacher and 25 cases from friend (?)
I guess that time too late liao loh.
and one simple question, exam important? or LIFE important lol.

Add Maths teacher went to interview today :(
Maybe changing to some other place, not really sure. :(
Wish her bad luck in her interview LOL!
Okay, maybe not, but .. after our form 5 laaaaaa.
Why all good teachers must go and some just stay :O lol.

Hmm .. What else ..
Can't recall zzz
Suan la, byeeeee!

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