Sunday, August 16

The Family of Cubes !

Hello peeps!
I think I'm gonna be so dead now :P
Don't feel like going to school.
Not because of H1N1,
It's because .... I haven't revise anything for monthly test woohoo!

Okay no woohoo, I'm dead I'm dead D:
Moral definisi is so killing!

Menghargai and Menyayangi Alam Sekitar
Keharmonian antara manusia dgn AS
Kemapanan AS
Peka terhadap isu-isu AS

Cinta akan Negara
Taat setia ..............

Okay I forgot!
I typed this without referring to the paper yay!
Trying to eat the words in.

Maybe, should burn the list of definitions and jampi and drink! :D
I think it'll work .. hmm ..

Oh, did I mention there's new family members in my rubik's cube family?
*happy-ing lol

Went and bought 2 more of them :D
Love my new ones :P

I'll introduce them to you guys now.
Say hi~~


Top view

Red green side of the cube building

The tower of cubes!

All together ..


Mom came back from Hong Kong yesterday night :D
She bought clothes from Disneyland and Esprit for me, my bro, and herself! :D
Including one new jacket!! Yayyy! Thanks mom!!!

Then she bought this Stitch Keychain, with a mini rubik cube hanging on it. :DDD
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Oh, brother is sick now :( :( :(

A lot of H1N1 death cases caused by pneumonia leh.
Very scary, die within 2-3 days!

Better go for check up if you're feeling unwell.
Sighhh ..

Hope my brother get well soooooon!
I miss fighting with you hahahaha ;x

Okay la, I really should get going now.
Don't wanna see red-colour-pen marks on my report card. =x
See ya peeps!

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