Monday, August 17

1st day of Monthly test!

Mati liaoooooooooooooooooooooo



Oh maaaaaaan, the 1st paper was BM, it was .. horrible.
Especially the Komsas aka Literature part!
Everybody was studying latar masyarakat, okay maybe not everybody.
But ........ what it came out was kritikan msyrkt !!
Which was what my BM teacher gave as homework.
Okay, regret liao laa, the consequences of not doing homework!
Arghhhh. aka, dai sei -.-

2nd paper was BI, we actually did the actual format of SPM paper within 1 hour.
Which is the objective part, the structure part, the summary part, the literature part.
It was tiring and stressful, didn't know that I had to do so much in such limited time.
I think the summary was .. a .. piece .. of ... crap T.T No time to even think!!

Then it's recess ! Yaaaayyy! Finished 2 papers in 2 hours! Wow!
There's only 3 days of exam weeeee~

Later Maths *evilsmirk*
It wasn't hard .......
Just hope there isn't any CARELESS MISTAKES *as usual*

Then Moral HOHO
Merry christmas!
Rofl! What and why should we do to mengekalkan tradisi kekeluargaan ah?
AKA what and why : we need to continue our own family traditions ..
It was hard D:
And vomited all the nilais ! Yay!

Okay, tomorrow Sejarah !!
I'm historyyyyyyyy wooohoooo!
Gotta go and cram and eat and chew and swallow the notes ..

Suffocating ....
Memory decreasing ....
Going bald .....

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