Sunday, August 9

As usual ..

.. Feeding the blog with random photos xD
Anyway, before doing so, just lemme update a lil :D

Am loving my new header :DDD
Must not get bored with it, or else D:
Need to spend time creating one again -.-

Hmm, this week isn't that hectic anymore.
Homework reproducing in a slower rate.
But I still hate the moral tugasan thing lah.
Gotta do it all over again.
Left 3 more. I think I'll take my own sweet time.
I hope teacher doesn't mind.

But, next week going to exam liao leh, zomgwtfbbq.
Why so soon :(
Skip exams, straight to holiday can? 8D

I somehow got a feeling that the A(H1N1) veerus is getting nearer and nearer.
Just look at plurk, the word "SICK" is everywhere :O
I wanna go on my vacation, I dont wanna care about H1N1.
The haze too. Pfft!!

Oh, talking about future ..
My friends kinda gimme a task LOL
They want me to think about which subject I like the most.
But I don't think I can answer them :( :(

Everything I learn is like half-bucket water.
The most "successful" thing I ever learned for now .. is .. Piano ..

Others like ..
badminton, swimming, basketball, ping pong, dancing, rope skipping..
I may missed out some other small stuff ..
But SIGH, nothing .. never excel in either one. T.T

I'm studying in Science stream, but I'm sure I'm not pursuing jobs like doctor/pilot/chemist/engineer.
There's TONNES of jobs out there!
I need more choices, to make me more focus in what I'm gonna study ..
It's like so aimless now. Sigh ..
Envy-ing those who know what are they gonna be in future now.
Well, at least they have a goal.

Stupid dilemmas. Argh.

Okay, end this post with random random photos :D

Went to the Chinese Literature Competition last week in SMK Bandar Utama (4)
aka SMK BU4. Their school is seriously pretty :O
And the best thing is, The Curve is just a few steps away! Ugh.

"24 Jie Ling Gu" aka 24 Seasons Drum.

Look at all those contestants!
People mountain people sea :O

Their school's cheer - Blitzers!

The paper. :O
They're gonna send it to China for marking !


We're in the sewers omg.


Woooo, testing the Rubik's cube.


Time's ticking~
;ft don'tknowwhosewatch.
tell me if it's yours :D


Have fun and be safe at the same time peeps!

Woooooo, barney decided to visit our class lmao.

I love you, you love me,
We are happy family ..
*forgot lyrics lolz*


And I shall present you,
A new born being in my house!


I name it ..

eh .. oops, wrong :P


Haaaaaaaai~ *stitchy way*

Rawr! I left the last layer argh.
Oh well, byeeeeeeeee~

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