Friday, August 28

It's Friday already? :(

Sigh, time just tick away .. each and every second .. cruelly .. the holiday is ending soon! Okay .. maybe not so soon, but .. soon D: what am I talking =.=

It's Friday! Geez, I thought it was Thursday lol.

DTL: Are you going to tuition today?
KM: Nope, no tuition on Thursdays :)
DTL: Hello? Today's friday?
KM: Eh? HAHAHA ;x Nope, no tuition on fridays too xD

Well, that really did happen hahahaha.


Hmm ..
I know about this news .. few days ago.

I wonder anybody still remember this Form 1 maths and science teacher - Miss Chai Mee Feng? Not really sure? click! Her present school students created this in facebook ..

Sigh, according to the news, she died due to kidney cancer. There's so many rumours @_@ Anyway, I only remember her teaching my class Science .. I bet she wouldn't even wanna remember teaching us. ;x She transferred to SMK USJ 12 after a few months (?) or the next year.


So, today's outing didn't really work out D: Cousin's busy with her assignment and stuff. Cousin bro pulak say postpone to next week D: My holiday end already laaaa D:

Nevermind la! Save it for next time :)
I wanna watch Final Destination 4 ! Hehehe

I tried to read between the lines
I tried to look in your eyes
I want a simple explanation;
what Im feeling inside

I gotta find a way out
Maybe there's a way out...

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