Wednesday, August 19


It's ovaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Chemistry was okay !! :D
Okay as in okay la .. okay ..... !
Add maths -.-
A few careless mistakes again -.-
Confirmed de lah T.T
Bio.. really .. T_________T *sobs*
I think I had a brain freeze that time. sigh ..
Suan la, I really hope the exercise teacher gave got 60 marks T.T

I shall get ready to fail my bio, pj, and sejarah! :D
Maybe not fail .. but .. results should be horrible ........

Okay, temporarily forget everything about this monthly test! :D
It's time to enjoy .. at least for a week now! ;D

I feel like blasting music suddenly! :O I normally don't like to listen songs loudly okay. But now, it just gives me the feeling of making myself apart from the world I'm in now. Listening to the songs and don't care about what's happening outside there. Throw away all the thoughts. Flood in the music beat. I really feel so. Loud music rawks aye. :D

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