Wednesday, August 19

Last day of monthly test lulz.

Yayyy! Today last day of test weee~

How come I'm staying up playing computer studying till so late for monthly test only ar?
Hmm .. Biology is basically sucking my soul *eekk*
Chemistry is loved :D *inserts heart* lol.
Add Maths .. No comment..
Who knows what will happen during exam,
Hope my brain doesn't malfunction or something xD

Oh, biology teacher wrote tips on the whiteboard on Monday you know.
Then, today .. eh .. no .. yesterday xD
The tips were gone! Everything including last Friday stuff is still on the board ..
Except the tips! Fishy eh? I wonder who so evil pfft!

and the Sejarah test yesterday .. *it's over* *shakes head* *close eyes*
No eye see luuu~ If I don't fail really need thank guan yin ma liao :(
I never read chapter 7, all structure questions about chapter 7 =.=
Where's my luck eh? D:

Physics .. was .. okay .. I .. think ..
Was having a lil headache and very tired.
So never check ans then went to sleep.
Thankfully the headache was gone! :DD
Hope my answers weren't that horrible lol.

Chinese paper okay la! Not that hard compare to midyear (?)

Got back Maths results too! *teacher is really efficient lol*
One freaaaaking answer = 3 marks WALAO T.T
Suan liaooooooo, ARGH.
Need to go back to form 1 -.- Factor of 6 wtf. $@#!^%$@#!

Hmm, don't think there's anymore stuff .. *thinks very hard*
Ok nope! Time to stuff myself into warm cozy bed :DDDD

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