Sunday, August 30

Ajisen Japanese Restaurant & Noodle Bar

Lalalalala~ Back from Sunway hehe ;)
Went Ajisen Japanese Restaurant & Noodle Bar for lunch! :D
Not bad not bad, but my Deluxe Tempura Sushi Set came kinda late ;x
Everyone finished their Ramen except me =.= then all looking at me lol.

One thing to comment is their Ocha.
Hot Ocha in plastic "glass"?! Omg!! It looks "glassy" but =.=
I know it's thick but .. still ain't good for health ..
Hope they'll change it @_@

Separated with dad and bro 'cause dad wanted to fix his golf club thingy
Shopped around with mom @_@
She bought her clothes and I bought nothing :D
Don't think I need to masuk stock yet although there's SALES EVERYWHERE !

Got myself another Coffee Jelly Frap hehehehe
I think I'm addicted to it ady =.= cannot =.= must stop D:

lol NOOB ;P

like sis like bro =x

Ajisen Japanese Restaurant & Noodle Bar Menu :O

The "plastic glass" that looks deceivingly like glass =.=

my Deluxe Tempura Sushi set :9
was too hungry ;x
ate one of the unadon only remember want take photo @_@

Unadonnnnnnnn !!!!

Oh ya, what's the definition of fitting room?
A place for you to try clothes right? With hooks to hang clothes and a mirror inside right?

I just hate fitting rooms without mirror inside it but outside of the room =.=
Apa ini =.="

and it's SUNDAY!! *doh*


It's you that holds my dreams and seems to always come back

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