Tuesday, August 25

One Week Holiday?

I'm finally free to update! Heh.
Was busy right after the "torturing" monthly test ..
Busy .. watching .. Little Nyonya! :P

*I think I'll spam lotsa lotsa lotsa random pictures in this post ;x* paiseh #^^#

Ju Xiang and young Yue Niang

Ju Xiang and Shan Ben Yang Jie

The men around Ju Xiang/Yue Niang :O

Well, good drama! :D

It's very torturing watching this show you know,
happy then sad then angry then tears then =.=
Ohmy, watch dao very xin ku D:
Started watching last Thursday night then finish on Saturday midnight woohooo!
Total of 34 Episodes :DDDD

It's about the culture of Baba and Nyonya.
Hmm, their culture is really interesting and unique :D
Always a fan of Singapore drama :x

**I think I like Ju Xiang more, though her life is short, but I think she lived it well**

Go watch :D
Astro AEC is airing the last few episodes now hahaha.


My friend's house almost kena break in the 2nd time!
The 1st time was only few days ago.
Sigh, no where is safe now D:


It's July! No, I'm not blur lol.
The 7th month of the Lunar Calendar.
Don't wear red clothes,
Don't go out alone at night,
Don't hang wet clothes at night,
Don't hit people's shoulder,
Don't turn back when someone hits your shoulder,
Don't go to the beach .....

There are more pantang larang, no matter you're superstitious or not,
Just do not break the rules *hehehe* lol.


I mentioned that I'm going to beach for holidays right?
The trip is canceled :( :( :(
Other than it's July,
My bro was not well.
Well, he recovered but doctor's advice - better stay at home la. =.=
There's H1N1 out there and bro immune system not so strong.
What to do? Better be safe than be sorry D:


Planning to go Tropicana City Mall yesterday.
Don't know wanna watch UP! / G.I Joe.
At last decided to watch UP! thanks to bro :O

Reached Tropicana City Mall, it was damn freaking cold lah wei!
It's either there's too few humans there or, their air-cond damn pro ;x

Then headed to Cinema, wanted to watch 3D Up! but DON'T HAVE -.-
Should have known, only Midvalley and 1Utama got lol.
Since 1 Utama is just meters away .. we decided again .. to go 1 Utama! :D

On the way,
Took photos with bro ......

Time's ticking, I raaaannn to the cinema like Bolt *okay exaggerating*
Lined up, bought tickets .. waited for mom and bro ._.

Ate at Sri Melaka, Asam Laksa *mmmmm*
I was still hungry lol, ate my mom's Nasi Lemak lololol.
*Burp* finally am full heh :9


Time for movieeeesssss :DDD

The Ticket :O

Russel! Cute and funny xD
*sometimes i think he looks like my bro ;x ;x*

The Talking Dog - Dug. wearing collar of shame lolz.

LOLOLOLOL, he's too heavy to climb xDDD


Helllooo :D

the foursome that strike rapport and fought against all the spirit of adventure :O

It was .. okay .. for me ..
But nice for my brother (?) lol
Not bad la, front part a bit .. boring ......

Rate 7.5/10 la lol

I should have watch GI Joe =.=


I think I have something to say about couples in the cinema lol.
Before the movie start, there's this couple beside me ._.
Kinda like a VIP seat to a live show before the 3D movie LOL
2 of them keep .. .. .. aiyah, suan la, just .. watch of your actions laaaaaaa arghhh.

What if a young little boy sitting beside you zzz.
Do in private laaa, it's not like putting on a show =.=


After the movie, got myself a Caramel Coffee Jelly Frap from Starbucks! :D

Niceeeeeeee :9

On the way back,
Took photos AGAIN LOL xDDDDD

With specs :P

So basically, it's a tiring yet fun trip and nice food trip :P
Thanks mom! :D
But I still wanna watch G.I. Joe ..
Then G-FORCE woooot
Then Final Destination 4 !!!!
All next month =.= suan liao.


Went to tuition at night.
I think I'm starting to hate tuition already.
Sir "suddenly" gave one "exam"
I didn't know about it cos I kinda skipped add maths tuition last wk ._.

Chapter 1-8 .. should be okay de lah hor.
Since I "just" finished my monthly tests lol.

So I just look through some notes ..

Turns out everything is still okay ..
Except for LOG !! I forgot how ady =.=
Now I think Differentiation is easier than Log =x

Saw an accident while going back home.
The motorcyclist kinda lying in the middle of the road.

It's the month of July, so didn't dare to look at the scene for so long =x
Life's just too fragile, pray and hope that no life is lost. Amitabha D:


Gotta go, I think I crapped a lot in this post heh.
Too long no update already,
Too many things to say yet too little time.

One week holiday isn't enough T.T
I need more rest !!

Oh well, byeeeeee!

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