Saturday, August 8

New skinnnnnnn :DD

08/08/09 !
It's a year after 2008 China Olympic.
Fuyoh! Still remember how breath-taking was the opening ceremony.

So Saturday is the last day of the week right?
I think I'm both physically and mentally tortured this whole week, really hope this ends at this very moment. Terrible T.T

It's happening non-stop ._.
Maybe it's just this week. D:

So in order to refresh my luck, I changed blogskin! :D
Everything new :DD Wash away bad luck! :D

Anyway, my bro found this 2x2 rubik's cube -.-
I only know how to solve one side hahahhaha, which is the easiest step -.-
Took me quite some time zzzz.
Moreover the thing quite hard to turn ._.
2 years already loh, I think from Japan Airlines/ Msia Airlines :O

Okay la! Need to get some sleep.

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