Monday, December 28

Xmas 2009~

Hello!! Lemme welcome you with ..........................

Debakchilization! LOLOL :P
*wow my hand so fair HAHAHA =="*

Anyway, I think I'll just briefly go thru how I celebrated Christmas this year .. in a more special way .. or should I say .. it's rather WEIRD :P

At first, we had our lunch (I forgot where o_o)
Then we head to Putrajaya because my dad say there's some mall there or something .. shun bian check it out while we explore around Putrajaya .. (but we didnt go to the mall in the end =.=)

Wow, it's like those very cool places .. the buildings and stuff ..
& of course the amount of money spent wouldn't be less :)
Sad thing is .. there's hardly any cars around .. nothing exciting .. nothing fun ..
Except for those borriiinnnnggggg buildings :P

Okay, I shall now BORE you with BORING photos! :P


Woi, don't blame me for boring stuffs. You're already bored if you're reading this so .. I'll just do the favour and add up more boredom to you muahahaha.

Enough of crap :P

oh my eyes +_+

The pavement (?) It's still wet .. because .. IT WAS RAINING WHILE WE'RE ON OUR WAY .. it stopped miraculously after we arrived. LOL

Actually .. I don't know what's this bridge called ....

But tourist pay to see this LOL.

& I was excluded! LOL (ignore the weird pose -.-)

Last picture of the "awesome" designed bridge .. swirling "strings" .. and blue sky! woot!

Lastly, me and mom LOL .. we walked far .. very far away from the place my dad parked to get the view of the blue sky ==" (it was grey on the other side, thus photo wont be nice lol)

looked sweaty =="
and holding a DSLR to self-take photos isn't easy -.-
esp. 50D -.-
freaking heavy like crap.
Look at my very unnatural face already know lol.

CaughtInAction LOL. Candid by mom. Wah round face *cough choke cough* lol

There were 2 crows!! I snapped too slow, one of them flew away D;
Anyway, emo crow on lamp post lol.

Very tired, it's afternoon ...
Sleepyyyy, the battery of the camera gonna die too
(because i keep playing with it at home and forgot to charge :X)
So headed home!


Dinner @ Pudu with gramps + uncle(s) [ one i think is future uncle lol ] and aunts.
Not gonna fall into that evil trap by those "ladies" selling so called "coupon" :P

Head to Pavilion!
There's traffic jam as usual ..
But I insisted so .. Tada!
Thanks dad for driving (?)

xmas deco @ pavilion (side)

(front) LOL. A Royale Christmas~

Me and Mr. Bro.

It was like freaking hard to take photos because PEOPLE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE SEA.
Thousands of humans FLOODED the mall lol.

So wanted to go out and breathe some fresh air!

Taken by bro with the panasonic dig. cam. Not bad! :D

Reindeers going up!

Hmm.. what's the girl on top there pointing at?

Looks up ..

Looks out ...

It's ... SNOOOWWWWW foam !!!!! LOL
urgh, the woman's head =/ I'm just short D;

Another view of the snow + tree .. in addition of the Malaysia Flag LOL.
Malaysia boleh ! oh yea lol.

The snow stopped after 15 minutes I guess ..
Aiyaa, what do you expect? Malaysia got 15 mins of snow already a miracle
(ok, still living in own fantasy world lol)

the LED reindeer with the carriage ..

I took this by accident! Haha.
But I think it's the best shot of the LED reindeers :O

Close up of the LEDs ;O

Hardworking man cleaning up so soon! (ok, now focus on the trees lol)

me ; bro and the iconic fountain in front of pavilion!

Still gotta learn how to take night shot without using flash or maybe uses flash but I want natural colours D;

And having a real white christmas seems fun and nice D;
Too bad Malaysia dont have real snow,
Can't hav snowball fight ..
Can't make snowman ..
Can't make snow angels ...
Can't ski ............
If Malaysia have real snow, I think 2012 is near lmao!

SO YEAH, I think that's all for this post :D
At least I'm done with it, YAY!

Good night! :D

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LikesCloud said...

The photo with the crow in it has nice clouds. Do you know of the cloud appreciation society at ? They have lots of nice cloud photos there.