Thursday, December 31

New Year Eve 09

Celebrated this year's new year eve in a rather special way ..
Went for Undang Test in Petaling Jaya early in the morning ..
Reached there about 10am I think ..
Waited for like .. 2 ++ hours ..
OMG ..

Went into the room of computers ..
It was frigging hot !! I guess the air-cons are outta service?
Sat there, key in stuffs ..
The test started!

It was easy in the beginning .. LIKE DUH!!
The colour blind and reading test, effing easy luh LOL.

Here comes the hard part ..
The 50 questions that'll determine live or death ..
I did it TOO SLOW compare to how i did at home ..
It was so scary ==" Scarier than the normal exams in school wtf.
Hands sweating LOL.

Was super relief after the results showed on the computer screen LOL
More relief than PMR / any exams again
Don't know why =="


Yay! Scored full marks for Section C! :D
and I dont know why my road sign sibeh cha =="
Section B ... mmg cha one la me XD
Section C ... I tembaked 2 questions bout the penalties mark .. HAHA

Waited for Uncle Chong for transport ..
He went to fetch tth and tsc for the afternoon session ..

Thanks UC for the lunch! :)

Went to Kritz's house with cks and lys.
Nothing much..

Mom came ..
Went to IOI ..
My leg hurts T.T
Met Kar Mun (tuition), chatted awhile ..

Back home,
Legs gonna die.

Celebrated New Year Eve's via Hill Top Party ..
Sat at the hillside waiting for fireworks!
Saw big round moon,
Found out that a partial moon eclipse was going on at around 3am-4am.
Not sure. Oh well ..

2009 just ended like that ..

Wanted to blog about what happened in 2009 ..
But .. I guess it's time to look forward ...
I'll just .. keep it in the archives and read it when I'm really really really free :)

During the starting of 2009,
I hated this year..
Now, the end of 2009,
I don't want this year to end ..

Oh well, we need to grow up anyway.
New Year, new goals, new me (?)
Seriously unsure lol.

Now, enjoy the photos!

Night view~

Don't they look like quavers? Accident! XD

The mooooon~

Quite cloudy, but I still see stars! (hearts)

DiGi having promotion and stuff. lol. little girl in yellow xD

Glitters in the sky~~

Look like rambutan ;x

Fail shot I know. But the gold thingy looks cool :P


I guess this is the nicest?
Too bad the background's too plain :/ got rooftop summore @^%#*!

Woot, curling fireworks LOL. Like caterpillar XD

First time taking fireworks =="
I know it's quite a failure because I didn't bring my tripod =="
All using handheld so, shutter speed cant be long .. thus .. not really nice fireworks D;
Still needa learn D;

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Evelyn Chang said...

wow really nice picta xD