Friday, December 4

Penang Trip (3) Food ; Jetty

/I lazy to edit stuff already, i'll be simply adding captions and stuff and finish this ONCE AND FOR ALL. Still got loads of pending post =/ lazy cells, what to do? D;

Headed to Kafe Heng Huat at Lorong Selamat and tried the famous Fried Kuey Teow with big giant prawns!
and had Fried Oyster toooooo *mmmmmmm~~~*
Niceeeeee daooooo, I'm hungry already LOL.

Man working hard under the hot sun =/

How ironic, demolishing the old building with a modern one as a backdrop D;

Kafe Heng Huat !

Woman that fries the kuey teow by using the charcoal thingy with the fan blowing lol.

Another view.

Rojak!! Got squid punya :9

*DROOOLLSSS* Fried Oyster !!

Giant Prawns for Fried Kuey Teow.
Whole plate cost RM6.50 :D

Heh, reflection again in some biscuit shop near there.

After teatime, it's time to head back "home" aka my uncle's house in Sg. Petani.
Decided to take the ferry back instead.
It was SUPER BORED while waiting for the ferry to arrive =.=
DAMN SLOW i tell you, waited for like .. 1 1/2 HOUR!! GEEZ.

Lorry beside me car. Susu lembu asli lawl :P

while waiting LOL

Took photos again~

The jetty?

looks like a shooting cloud hmm.

Super gila hot sun =.=

Spot the MOOOON :O

PJK !! LOL. not-very-useful-subject =/

Reached home.
Can't stop staring at cousin sister's eyes LOL
Damn big i tell you @__@
Gaahhh jealous @__@ LOL

Ahhhh, so cute D;

Head back home the next day.
Traffic jam like siao in Taiping - Ipoh.
Sit dao ass pain ==

Oh ya, for more photos ..
Click, PENANG 09 :D

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