Monday, December 21

Undang Talk @ some place in Kayu Ara, Damansara

The card with my thumb print and .. the KPP book @_@

Yesterday, yeah yesterday, how i wish i can blog about this yesterday LOL. But I was super TIRED !!! and WHY?! Let's see ...

*erm, i'll be blogging in details ==" just for my memories ==" you can skip it if you like, i don't mind :D*

I woke up at 6.15am and packed up everything,
The uncle should be arriving at 7am but he came early, which is 6.45am
When I opened the door, I was like .. "OMG, he reached already!!!"
You know girls, they wake up early and do stuffs slowly LOL
MOREOVER, I'm packing stuff LAST MINUTE HAHAHA, damn scared I'll miss out things-to-bring.

I feel very uneasy that the uncle is waiting outside ._.
So, I went out early :/ Gahh.
Had random chats with Uncle in the car haha, not bad :D

Reached BK, saw CKS and LYS only ......
The others haven't reach yet. So .. had a Kaya Pao for breakfast lol.
And waited ... waited .... waiteddddd ... for TTH, his sis and Kritz.

Here we go !
To Damansara !

Had chats with Siew Chin on the way ..
Because I hate silent moments in the car .. phobia lmao.
The uncle didn't on his radio D;
So, there's still a few silent awkward moments .. D;

Anyway ..
Restaurant Pantai Seafood was SO NEAR !!!!
Restaurant LALA CHONG TOOOOOO !!!!!
I almost wanted to go makan seafood for lunch D; Too bad T-T

Reached the place ..
I thought that it was just a Mamak Stall ...
but actually .... BESIDE the mamak stall, it's the place where I'm gonna listen to 5 hours of crazy talk ==" Wow, it's not like what i'd imagine LOL. Oh well ....

Did the registration and scanned my thumb print for the blue card thing.
And got our asses into the "classroom" D;
It was so cold when I entered, but hehehe ..
6 of us aimed for the last row seats !!
and there're 6 seats for 6 of us :D how great xD

The air-cond was above us -.-
So, it wasn't cold afterall lol.

The "classroom"

and the air-cond above us -.-

Wow, what an antique :P

Ok, the talk started with VIDEOS.
1st, it was some crazy motorcycle driving dude with imba skills.
Then I forgot the others but the videos were IRRELEVANT to undang ==" IR !! (bio)
I don't know la, it's just weird ==" and a waste of time lalala.

After dont-know-how-many-videos..
The trainer finally came in and started talking serious stuff ..
Explain the procedure and what we can do with our L and P license blablabla.
Wtf man, I wanna sleep also cannot @#%!@^#%*!
Because I'm seating right in the middle of the path where the trainer can see me ==" CLEARLY.
and my head had no where to rest on ==" So sad man, so saddd T.T
Thanks for cks/lys's Hacks sweet, at least something to divert my attention ..
but I really really dislike that sweet ;/ dont know why ;/

Didn't feel like eating at the mamak, but .. no choice T-T
Had maggi goreng and fried egg, sat under a tree at a table full of ants =="
Surprisingly, the ants seemed to like TTH's 100 Plus while both CKS and LYS punya 100 plus are free from ants, weird :/
and he keep saying he taste blood while coughing and had fever la, cancer la, h1n1 la, this la that la ==" Very SIEN one la him ==" Curse ownself pun ada =="

Started with some cool car that can speed till 407km/hr i think =="
Which is waaaay faster than Michael Schumacher's 360km/hr Ferrari =="
and they had this competition between a jet and this car =="
Super SWEAT ==" ok la, maybe quite funny ... but .... ..... =="

Nothing much in the end ..
I didn't really pay attention ..
Having backache already =="
My head needs a place to rest ..
But .. the place is no where to be found ..
So I kept moving around =="
Hitting my own leg LOL
Blood circulation okay!
AND YAYYYY!!!!! 3pm ALREADY !!!!!!
TIME'S UP!!!! :D

Did the last thumbprint thingy,
and saw ELMO before going back hahaha.

Headed to IOI Boulevard!
For tea i guess lolz.


We had all the food for half price hehehehe.
And the guys ate like there's no tomorrow .. esp, tth =="
Kept ordering otak-otak =="

The interior design of Otak-Otak Place is the reminiscence of the old times.
The 60s, 70s, 80s guaaaa .. god knows, before I'm born la lol.

They sell Gulis tooooo omg
and BB Biscuits? LOL Nicee xD

Ze Menu! Doesn't this look familiar?
No, NO NO NO!!!! School's gonna start T-T
There's Rukun Negara and time table at the back too hahahah.

Bicycle models all around the shop lol.

Hanging lights .. inside an upside down cup? COOL.

Okay, this is not SNAP lol. It's call Happy Family!
I remember I saw this in my friend's house, but never played lolz.
and .. kids used to play this .. when there's no PS around lolz.

Inside the washroom! and the door has a LOVE shape mirror ==" LOL

Here comes the drinks!
(taking pictures of food is really hard ..)
((i gotta like .. "waaaaaiiiitttt! don eat first")) LOL
(((then the guys especially, will give you the ==" look))) D;

The guys' drink. Raspberry longan i think ..
They weren't aware that they ordered the same drink until the drinks were served... -.-

Siew Chin's drink - Lemon Barley ;D

idk what milk shake ;x

and here comes the FOOD!

Tiffin Carrier!
Eleh, someone has been soooo lucky, never ate tiffin carrier food before :/ xD

Nasi Lemak? idk ;x

Fish head noodle ..

Some otak-otak in wraps ... i think ........

Steam otak-otak

Nasi Briyani ~

Otak-otak sticks ..

Some special otak-otak dish with egg or something .....

The Snack Plate .. with otak-otak nuggets, otak2 fried dumpling and wedges ...

As YOU CAN SEE, about 85% of the food is OTAK-OTAK.
Missing in the pictures are the Otak-otak Paos,
They had been sacrificed before I had a chance to snap LOL.
Oh well .. OTAK-OTAK PLACE ma. Full of otak2 lol.

We had random chats I think.
There's also this gorilla joke told by tth =="
Walao, speechless LOL.

The total bill was 116 +
and we paid 61+ only muahahahaha!
credits to mom for her staff privilege discount :D
so we got 50% of the total bill WOOOT !
That's why friends ordered like there's no tomorrow xD
Keep saying " wah, damn cheap xD" :P

After the "tea time" it was about 6+pm
Took a walk ..
Actually IOI Boulevard is a very nice place ..
But most shops are not opened yet ..
So human traffic is very low ..
It's quite creepy LOL..

Headed back home ..
On the way , received a call from cks.
He left his CD and lys left his KPP exercise book with me hahah.
Who call you guys dont wanna take yourself :P :P

The dark clouds were like a monster eating up the clear sky lolz.

It's the end of the worlddddd hahahaha lol. =="

That's the end of the very tiring day,
Watched Drag Me To Hell before sleep(ytd) lol.
Okay la, not bad ..

Time to sleep,

update bout The Curve and One Utama trip tomorrow!
stay tuned ;D

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