Tuesday, December 22

Xmas Deco @ Curve ; One Utama 09 & HAPPY DONG ZHI FESTIVAL!

Xmas deco 09 @ The Curve

Went The Curve with mom to walk walk, enjoy the xmas atmosphere~
And tested my new baby :O Snapping around ~
Not much words, hope you enjoy the photos~

With a bit of the ceiling..

Closer look of the angels, trees and ... idk what's that called =="

The rome-looking building woot.

Some deco on the trees~

Hoho, me in the golden ball lol.

Full view of the whole xmas tree

Snapped this without looking at the view finder :D


After walking around The Curve,
We head to One Utama next! It's near ma wahaha!

One Utama's Xmas Theme - A White Lyrical Christmas~

Lightings ...

We're at the Oval~

Snowy white trees xD

The white round thingy gives me the feeling of lizard eggs hahahaha =x

The entrance :D

Went to Bonita and checked out some earring studs.
Mom bought 3 pairs for me woot! THANKS MOM LOLOL.
Saw a necklace not bad eh .. but .. suan la :P

Went to tapao-ed Egg Tarts at CANTON-i woot!
Super niceeee :9

Mmmmm :9 Me LOVE :P

Went to carpark thru the One World Hotel ..
Saw xmas-y stuff too hahaha.
Snapped a few shots ;D
It'll be nicer if it's at night, oh well~

One World Hotel~

Headed home,
Felt boring in the car again LOL
So ... hehehhehe ....

This look damn real if you're seeing this for the first time LOL.
and the clouds are like .. 1,2,3 step by step lol.

PLAY MORE, learn more ;x

Emo tree D; lol.

looks like 2 giant metal dudes with 3 pairs of hands o.o

That's all for yesterday post LOL


Woke up early in the morning without alarm omg
First time during the holiday wow!
Went to the mart and bought stuffs for making Tang Yuan :D

Happy Dong Zhi Festival! :D

Made Tang Yuan~
With Gula Melaka inside (mmm)
Damn satisfied eating the Tang Yuan that I made myself :D
It's great making something and enjoying eating it after that, superb! :P
Gaining weight already wahahaha!

Nothing much for today,
Saw 2 centipedes mating I think =="
But I thought they're asexual (?) Not sure
It's weird, VERY WEIRD !!
Snapped some photos of them hahahaha
Got video too LOL
Don't know when I'm posting them up here,
it's kinda private yknow. See how first la! xD

Hope you enjoyed the photos hahaha


Evelyn Chang said...

hah yeap I saw that nyonya restaurant already. Is the food nice? =) hehe.

Oh ya,I love to have fringe too. Hah nicer. =D

Oh yeah,otak otak place, I have been there twice,not bad =) hehee.

and i haven eaten any tong yuen yet!!so sad. gimme some. xD

Evelyn Chang said...

hah yaaa,i love otak otak! =D

haha,not scary lar,hahaa i noe,my dad oso ask me...wah then full of nyonya ghost a?hahaa.

but lucky nth happen la xD xD

Evelyn Chang said...

hahaa icic (: Mdm Kwan's nasi lemak oso niceeee =D okay,den i will try out the nyonya imperial then. hehee

ooo,den i bring u go la xD when u free?muahahaa. i drive u there go yumcha haha.

lol not dunwan eat,my hse tak da =x so sad,mom din buy lor.... u gimme some lar xD

haha,yaaa,fringe can cover fats. hahaa face not so big already. hahaaa. lol yeah,nyonya ghost lolxx. not creepy gua. haha =D not bad la,quite special la tat hotel,but then the room nth special wan.

C , Cy , Cyn ♥ said...

omfg i hate chu la :( :( why so good one ur cam omg T_T what happen 2 ur old one? btw , can teach me more about dslr lol is sony a230 something like that is a good cam? how much u bought 50d?